The Importance of a Good Online Ticketing System for Your Event

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If you’re planning to host an event in 2018, it should go without saying that you need an online ticketing system – one that’s available on both mobile and desktop. Everything is digital. We now live in a world where everything is online, from our televisions to our homes to our cars. Faced with such a world, it’s imperative that your event management firm adjusts in kind – that it shifts from traditional ticket sales to an online, widely-accessible ticketing system.

There are several very good reasons for this

First and foremost, you’ll end up selling more tickets than you would with older systems. Not only will you be able to make your tickets available on more platforms – such as smartphones and tablets, which continue to be a major source of revenue – you’ll also ensure that fewer people will abandon the purchasing process. See, people expect convenience.

They expect to be able to purchase a ticket for an event they want to attend instantly. If they can’t do that, they’re going to get frustrated. They’re going to abandon it – and the idea of attending your event.

That’s not even getting into the amount of time and effort it takes to maintain traditional ticketing systems, which usually lack automation functionality. Whether you’re handling sales through contact forms, email, or in-person booths, trying to do so completely by hand is a nightmare. All that time, effort, and money are best spent elsewhere – best spent improving your event.

Last but certainly not least, a good online ticketing system allows you to collect – and organize – demographic information about your attendees. It lets you easily figure out who’s interested in your event, and how you might best market to those people. More importantly, it shows you which attendees are the most engaged and the likeliest to respond to further outreach; people who volunteer more information in your contact forms are probably more interested than those who only give you the basics.

Right. We’ve hammered home the importance of an online ticketing platform. Now let’s talk about a few things you should consider when implementing one.

  • Don’t make people jump through hoops. What I mean here is that you want to avoid sending customers to a different site to purchase their tickets. Everything should be done within a single app, window, or web page. You don’t want to rely on too many different third-party tools.
  • Offer multiple payment options. Allow people to pay via debit, credit, and PayPal at a minimum. As a general rule, the more different kinds of payment you support, the more sales you’ll be able to make.
  • Offer different ‘tiers’ of tickets. Allow people to opt into receiving special privileges, attending optional workshops, or going to optional days of your event. Give bonuses and discounts for early registration, and market it as such.
  • Collect valuable information.
    Online forms are an ideal opportunity to obtain data such as email addresses, how people found out about your event, and where your guests live.
  • Don’t forget about physical attendees. Although digital might be the future, you should also offer tickets at the door. The key here is not to alienate any of your guests.
  • Utilize digital marketing tactics to further drive attendance. Most ticketing platforms will make it possible to sell tickets directly through Facebook. Try boosting the Facebook event to reach more people
  • Decide how much of your cost to pass on to your customer. You know your clientele. For example, if you are selling tickets to a non-profit event, many people would expect to pay extra ticket fees. There are other types of events where people would rather pay a flat amount, and it would be worth it to incorporate ticket fees as part of your budget. Speaking of fees, make sure to research all the costs such as setup fee, credit card fees, fee per ticket before you decide which platform makes the most sense for your event.

The world has gone digital – and as an event management professional, you can use that to your advantage. By implementing an online ticketing system that’s functional, usable, and easy to automate, you can ensure that you’ll not only bring in more ticket sales but also free up your team to focus on other things.


Brad Wayland is the Chief Strategy Officer at BlueCotton, a site with high-quality, easy-to-design custom t-shirts.

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