Important Notice – Changes in App Store Policy & Dedicated Apps

Important Notice – Changes in App Store Policy & Dedicated Apps.

Due to recent changes in Apple’s App Store policies regarding App approval and review, Apple will no longer accept dedicated event apps that share the same code structure.

This news has struck us, but that’s something we’ve been ready for all along after all Meeting Application has started its journey as a „container a.k.a. universal, platform app” which now is the standard laid out by Apple in their newest policy.

In the past few years, the white label, dedicated event app had become a standard in the industry, however, we welcome this change as our universal app was always at the heart of our service and it just brings us back to our well-developed and established standards.

In effect, Apple has just ended the White Label Event apps and market and clients need to adapt.

As Meeting Application we’re ready, and we believe so are our customers.

Official, updated Apple guidelines are available here:

If any information is required, feel free to contact us. We are here for you and you can always count on our customer success team.

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