How to enagage the audience

How_to_engage_audienceEvery conference consists not only of the speaker, but also the audience. In case of absence of any of the parties, there would be no conference. Of course sometimes the speaker becomes a part of the audience when he’s finished speaking and somebody from the audience becomes a speaker…

But you all know that, because that’s what conference apps are all about. What you may have not known is that the audience need to be involved not only with the speakers but in other ways too.

You can be the greatest and most specialized speaker in the world, but if you just keep on talking and talking, people are eventually going to stop listening to you.

Sometimes you will encounter a group, that just wants to listen to you, take some notes and take action themselves. Those people want maximum content and lots of practical ideas around the subject. Basically they want to get the most value of what you can give them. And you have to respect that. That’s why the best conference application must give you an option to involve your audience. Smart conference app needs to socialize them.

As always, there are some downsides of involving people during the conference. You can lose some control over the whole communication process. If you’re used to total control, this will make some difficulties… Another problem is that you need to develop a whole different skill set if you want to involve and facilitate. But why use a conference app if you only want to make a lecture?

There are many techniques you can use to encourage audience participation. Some of them bring low risk, but also low engagement. Other are very risky but  provide maximum participation of the audience. I will explain some of them so you could try them out on your mobile conference application.

The first method is one of  very low risk, but gives you very little commitment of the crowd. It’s called audience polling and it’s fairly simple. You just need to get a quick poll of the audience. For example you ask “how many of you people have tried a mobile application for events?”.

Another way to get your attendees to pay more attention is by using simple but appropriate humor. Pass a good joke once in a while and you’ll be surprised how much your crowd is going to concentrate on you.

Next technique is a medium risk, medium involvement and it’s as old as time. Simple take the questions from the audience. Traditionally people do it at the end of the presentation, but you could also do it periodically, say, every 15 minutes or after every topic of the conference. If topic is gentle, you can always use some conference networking tools to let the audience ask questions anonymously.

Another method utilizes audience questionnaires. With a good conference networking tool it will not be difficult and it will provide a good feedback from your crowd.

The last one that I’m going to mention is pretty risky, but engages the public very strongly. You need to organize some form of quiz. Prepare questions on the topic of your conference and test if the audience have listened to you in a fun manner. You can do it for individuals, teams…there are countless ways to run a quiz. More participation from your audience guaranteed!

You can find hundreds of ways to involve your audience, but only a unique conference app can give you a possibility to put them to work. Why not try such an application right now ?

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