How to increase brand awareness with Meeting Application

How to increase brand awareness with Meeting Application

Don’t you enjoy all that buzz that your social media posts generate? In social media, you can boast about your successes, and share photos and your thoughts. Nowadays, your company relies on its reputation even more: what is a better way of gaining fame than by increasing the number of followers and connections on your social media channels? You can serve them effectively with one tool!

I’m writing about a mobile app called Meeting Application, which is good event solution for both overworked organizers and lazy guys. It effectively increases the global awareness of your brand using your social media.

Isn’t that good for your popularity and fame? Your users can register in the app with a single click, and post and share on their social media channels faster than you’ve ever dreamt!

I don’t want to delude you any longer! Let’s consider the advantages: what can Meeting Application offer you for your brand awareness and promoting your events in social media?

1. In the app, users can share that they will soon be participating in your event (on Facebook or Twitter).


  • How do you benefit?

Imagine that one of your users has published this information on their Facebook timeline. Their 500 friends can see it about a month before your event! Some of these friends are probably also interested in your conference, concert or whatever it is. Suppose 5% of them are, which is 25. They can share it with others and you will get new participants and enthusiasts for your event. And all that buzz is the result of a single share!

People will become aware of your presence. You are visible, your events are promoted, you gain popularity and you sell the rest of the tickets (if you have any tickets left a month before the event). One of our events, Plywood, generated 45 single shares. Imagine how many internauts read about it! Don’t forget that your participants will also publish photos during and after the event…

  • How do they benefit?

They’ve just shared that they’re going to a Phil Collins concert and collected hundreds of likes. I’m sure they won’t want to attend alone, and thanks to the app, their friends will be informed about the event, which they could go to. This is the best way to find company and get likes and replies! 🙂 And they will increase their audience after uploading the photos from the concert. Remember that images on Facebook generate 53% more likes than an average post.

2. User can share information about a lecture that they are attending while it is taking place (on Facebook or Twitter).


  • How do you benefit?

Well, a short piece of information that someone has attended an event is sometimes not much, but Meeting Applications offers you the opportunity to share more content, and more often. Every application user can tweet that they will soon take part in the lecture, social meeting or whatever it is. Your agenda probably consists of rather more than 20 different events, so your popularity in social media increases really significantly. Of the shares on Meeting Application, 61% are put on a Facebook profile and 31 % on Twitter.

  • How do they benefit?

Suppose the event has 20 lectures and social meetings, and an application user attends half of them. They tweet about it 10 times, and collect 10 times more retweets than sharing one single event. Their followers can see the note about you 10 times more often! Rewarding, no? Your brand becomes popular in new circles and both the users and you gain precious social connections.

3. Users can post news on Facebook and Twitter with the conference #hashtag determined by you.


  • How do you benefit?

It is all about the hashtags … and I’m sure you know how powerful they are! You enter the official #hashtag in the application CMS, and your attendees post their news with it on social media. They usually want to use their own hashtag too, and each of them has a different one, so if they put these two #hashtags together in one news story, your event will be widely visible. You have promoted your brand!

  • How do they benefit?

They spread news about your brand! They write curious and interesting news to make themselves popular and liked! This kind of post works best for both parties: who doesn’t read funny and engaging, manually posted content? Or a clever lecturer quote? One of our users wrote: “Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement”. Imagine how many likes and replies he received!

4. App users can share photos from the galleries of others!


  • How do you benefit?

Photos generate 104% more comments and 120% more engagement than average posts. The attendees of your event can share any picture from the galleries of all the Meeting Application users. So the buzz is not only about five photos taken by a single user, but about thousands of photos taken by many people. Our app lets them enter countless pictures and graphics!

  • How do they benefit?

They can choose the best photos and share them on social media (so not very talented photographers can keep calm about the quality of photos they post :)). The creator of the best pictures feels the appreciation and pride. Do you remember the last time your work was appreciated and how it motivated you to act better and better?

Chip and Dan Heath were the authors of “Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard” (which I really recommend you to read) and the book topped the “New York Times” bestseller list. They wrote that the positive feeling of pride experienced after achieving a personal goal increases the number of tasks we consider doing in the future and encourages us to define new, more ambitious goals.

5. Users can register in the application using data from LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.


  • How do you benefit?

You have an access to the data that was entered in social media: the interests of your attendees, their social connections… So the number of people enthusiastic about your conference increases. But the most important is that you gain more users. A social login improves registration conversion rates by at least 50%. Moreover, this option gives you an opportunity to send targeted information, deals and promotions to users and their connections. Most people would certainly take advantage of a 30% reduction off a new CD from an artist they just saw in concert.

MailChimp is one of the best examples that confirms how a social login increases the conversion rate. The platform had 340,591 failed login attempts during one month in 2012. The internauts couldn’t remember their usernames, passwords or simply mistyped. There were 68,145 password resets and 38,137 people received a username reminder. MailChimp introduced social logins and the results were amazing! They decreased login failures by 66% (114,239 login failures) and password resets by 42% (39,721). In the following months, the situation became better and better.

  • How do they benefit?

They save precious time…you save that time for them! Compare the time you need to enter your name, surname, biography, something else, and something else and something else, with the time needed for a single click. A social login is five times faster than a traditional registration, and it eliminates the need to create and remember another password.

Now you know how Meeting Application can enhance and stimulate your brand and event in social media, which means in the social world. Try our app and become a powerful master of social media! Invisibility means absence, so share, post and achieve fame.

Are there other positive aspects of using mobile applications to post on social media? We invite you to the discussion below.


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