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The InternetBeta Conference annually gathers representatives from various areas of the Polish business scene. Recently, from 10 to 12 September, we were at the 7th edition of this great event for progressive minds.

Three days of an incredible conference and unforgettable meetings conducted by highly appreciated experts – InternetBeta, one of the most meaningful events for open-minded and demanding Polish enterprises. As the world changes, we have developed modern solutions to enhance our event experiences. The InternetBeta attendees strongly benefited by using a mobile application designed specially by Meeting Application for the conference.

The InternetBeta app succeeded in various ways. The mobile agenda and speaker profiles gave the participants a clear idea of how to choose the right lectures. They read the latest news from the event organisers and expressed their feelings about the conference in surveys. The general feeling was that the solution was impressive.

With so many must-attend lectures, so many famous people and so much party time ... the amount of time spent viewing the application content by the InternetBeta attendees surprised even us, Meeting Application. In total, the mobile solution was used for almost two weeks! The results, taking into consideration the 300 users, tell us that each single person spent more than 1 hour just checking the news and acting in the various fields of the InternetBeta.

Some of the users of the mobile application couldn’t sit still without InternetBeta launched on their smartphones! We noted more than 5300 sessions, and 17 people used it between 101 and 200 times during the three days of the event.

We’re pleased with the data – we really met the needs of the participants. It seems that there is probably no better event for a mobile app than the InternetBeta conference. We developed it for people who are fully aware of the benefits that technology offers to their open minds, for people like you. The data we present below, say it all.

Each user had an opportunity to express an opinion on the event via the mobile application through stats and surveys. On the basis of the answers received, we were able to measure how people found out about InternetBeta. Almost half of the users who attended knew about InternetBeta from friends who were enthusiastic about the conference, 15.7% knew about InternetBeta from social media, 17.6% from the Internet, 11.8% from their companies and 9.8% from other sources.

The conference was a pleasant surprise for newcomers – almost 180 out of 300 attendees took part in it for the first time, and 75% overall were satisfied with the event. The users were satisfied to different degrees (very satisfied, just satisfied or slightly satisfied).

The attendees voted via the mobile app for InternetBeta to choose the 15 best lectures at the event. Below we present the ranking including the lecture title, speakers, number of votes and the event rating.

Internetbeta Ranking of Lectures

The event finished five weeks ago but the mobile app for InternetBeta is still live. The attendees at the great InternetBeta are still posting fresh news, exchanging links, entering their thoughts about lectures...

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