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What can you do to make your company successful – the answer seems to be easy…just plan and run an efficient marketing strategy. But in the realization of it, the strategy becomes more and more difficult. Golden tips from marketing specialists, bloggers and journalists for demanding startups are really helpful in planning a strategy for success.

Advice and presentations of valuable news...all these forms of gaining knowledge are available from conferences and business events. An event of this kind, the Marketing Progress Conference, took place in June in Wrocław, the European Capital of Culture 2016. Countless marketers from different industries gathered together, hungry for knowledge.During two days of meetings and workshops for specialists of all forms of communication, experts covered topics on building durable customer relationships. They explained how to win clients while using the newest applications and internet tools, all of which are valuable when creating the content for building a successful marketing strategy.The first day of Marketing Progress was dedicated to inspiring case studies and good marketing strategies. The attendees learned how to plan their actions to take the most advantages of them. Then, during the second day of the conference, they had opportunities to learn about the tools and apps that are very helpful for a marketing specialist.Not only the sessions, but also the workshops enriched the event. Participants could gain practical skills on using the tools, and how to plan a marketing strategy. I’m sure that now, some time after the conference, their work has significantly improved!During the Marketing Progress Conference, attendees were able to use a mobile application designed for the event. They can use it even know, to find information they need quickly. This mobile tool has features highly appreciated by event planners, event managers, and of course Sechnall's words confirm it: “I’ve really enjoyed using the Marketing Progress 2014 mobile app. Thanks to this incredible solution, the conference was so easy! The application solved all problems related to the organization of workshops and sessions. I highly appreciated the personal agenda and the fully developed networking tools. Meeting Application team, great job!”The mobile agenda in the application lists events, including their date, room, path and speaker profile. Moreover, users can read detailed information about lecturers. Plans and maps are useful for becoming familiar with the event venue. Sponsors also like it since the application has a module dedicated to them.But all of these features are things that each event can have! The Meeting Application mobile app is a complex tool with great potential. Attendees can post and vote for a question during a lecture. The app makes new business opportunities available with the networking module. It also collects surveys for providing valuable feedback.The attendees of Marketing Progress 2014 could choose their favorite events and add them to a personal agenda. This choice was made easier as they could vote for and choose the top events. They could discuss the top topics in the application and use it for mobile and social business networking. None of the top events were forgotten about! Marketing Progress 2014 sent out informative push notifications some time before each of them.Thanks to the Marketing Progress Application, we have the statistics for the event. They are satisfactory and promising for the next edition of the conference!You can download the Marketing Progress Conference mobile app from the App Store and Google Play.
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