7 do's after the event ending

The conference has just come to an end… and you have put so much work in organizing it! Don’t waste this huge amount of time you’ve spent on your event –  keep in touch with participants. Don’t let them forget about your efforts! You can do it in many ways, but the easiest ones will be the lastest inventions of new mobile technology!


Mobile conference apps are powerful tools that inform your participants about news and events even after the conference ending. Materials added by the organizer to CMS can be viewed and downloaded by the attendees any time...even if your participants will forget about the event (what, I'm deeply sure, will not happen). Be available Thanks to conference application your attendees are accustomed that you are online. They may want to contact you –  so answer all received e-mails, share your thoughts, be online in social media and be willing to talk and open minded. Let them read You can encourage people to continue learning after the conference ending. It can be done by giving them the access to recordings of sessions for longer period of time – could be two weeks, could be a year. Participants who have this access, can continue the training from your meeting. It will be the beginning of conference future. Relevant feedback Your application app can survey participants after every event and gather interesting feedback. This will help you in preparation next conference. Moreover, you can share information with your attendees, let them influence on further conferences. What kind of tools should be used to stay in touch? Of course, the most popular ones! They will give you power in the promotion in social media. You will see that it is not difficult and extremely awarding. They will like you You can make loads of pictures during the conference. Post them on your Facebook wall and remind participants good moments. They will do the same - they will share their individual experiences. Your conference will become more visible and you will be able to make an impact on the participants. Tweet it! Who said that you may tweet only during the conference? Thank attendees for attendance, share warm thoughts, remind that this is a quick an easy way to read news from you. Your event will gain popularity, because social sharing is verry effective tool. Link LinkedIn Your participants may look for friends and work colleagues on LinkedIn. It is a good opportunity to participate in discussions. They all can follow you to receive press releases and other updates. Share your photos More and more popular Instagram can be new way to keep your participants interested. A picture of coffee and post-conference publication would be a great idea. Stay in Meeting Application after the conerence to get the latest updates and to join the conversations.

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