Live Voting – Make Your Event More Engaging by the Use of Q&A, Ratings, Polls, Quizzes and Surveys.

Events always involve some kind of interaction. The more communication is present at your happening the better impression you will make. It is good to provide a multi-channel interaction – you to your audience, your audience to you, an individual to another attendee and a participant to all attendees. Sounds like a huge challenge. No worries, there are several tools to make it super simple…

Why its worth to use live voting, polls, quizzes, surveys? 

You can either invest in a series of different tools but I advise to choose an all-in-one solution such as a conference application.

Today, I am going to focus on all type of live voting options available in Meeting Application – a feature-rich event app.

Live Q&A

Why is letting your audience ask questions in front of the huge audience is not the best idea?  The first reason is those shy attendees may feel excluded. They would like to ask a question but do not want to do it in public. The other cause is chaos and a lack of control over the questions being asked. A moderator cannot choose the most intriguing queries and exclude the repetitive ones. In addition, once the event is over you do not have audience questions stored in any place. All of this aspects make live Q&A component really useful and irreplaceable.

Under each agenda event in the application, there is a button called ‘ask a question’ people can click it and type their query. It enables you to involve both online and onsite participants.They also see other questions and can ‘like’ it. If you want to provide the best attendee experience it is good to collect all questions after an event and publish Q&A expert answers in the resource component.


Receiving grades is not that simple but giving them seems much easier. We often have this internal drive leading us to express our gratitude or dissatisfaction. You as the organizer can take another advantage from this as by analyzing grades you can learn how to please your audience and what events were more successful and lived up to your audience expectations. This is an invaluable insight knowledge that will definitely help you improve your next conference. It’s best to use simple star or point button under each event in the agenda. In order to get more detailed ratings take a look at the below paragraph – Polls.

Polls with Instant Results

Polls can easily make your event and each presentation more interactive and engaging. Thanks to such feature you may ask your audience to vote live and display instant results on their smartphone or via an external link on your main screen in the conference room. You can test their knowledge or check out what is their opinion on a given issue.  If you want to keep results hidden, there is an option to display responses only in the admin panel. You may also export them to a CSV file and attach this file to you post-conference reports and/or database.


A bit of entertainment will do no harm even if your event is quite official. Such targeted quiz may increase the awareness of your brand or motivate attendees to take part actively in your event. Closed questions are more practical as you can choose the winner easily with an automatic check. If there’s a need you may create open questions or mixed ones. Such quiz is also a chance to please your main sponsor. You can name it with its brand and ask this company-centered questions. In addition, if your happening is a workshop, this app component can serve as a testing option. An additional benefit of such solution is the fact that there is no need to distribute and collect papers. You also get it marked automatically.


You never know what is your audience opinion and a list of expectations unless you ask for it. In order to make your conference really successful you should collect opinions via pre-event, onsite and post-event surveys. You may easily gather a real-time attendee feedback. If you exchange paper/email version for an app, you will increase response rate and audience comfort. In addition, survey reports are available instantly so you can improve your current and upcoming events straight away. Reports can be exported into a CSV file and converted to an Excel sheet to make result analysis super simple.
Live Q&A, ratings, polls, quizzes, and surveys are all tools that make your interaction more fruitful and engaging. Thanks to one event app you can cover all of this areas and achieve plenty of goals with minimum effort.  As a result, you are able to improve your audience experience and boost the quality of your event services.

If you want to add your ideas or share some advice, feel free to drop us a comment below. Also you can try our event app for Free!

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