There are many conferences you have to compete with. You should really try hard in order to inspire your attendees with fresh data, brand new ideas, fruitful networking and useful tips. Be persistent and do not give up. Your efforts will be rewarded. What is a good starting point? Go through our list of 5 areas and check out how to seduce your event audience and make them come back.

Remember that your agenda should address the average interests of your target attendees. It is often a super difficult task. A good starting point would be taking a closer look at your event competitor. Try to check what their participants have said about a given conference and topics. Focus on the things they appreciate. Having this precious knowledge, polish your program and other activities accordingly. Most importantly, learn what the attendees complained about and avoid the same mistakes.


It is also important to turn your initially passive audience into a devoted community of professionals. A simple way to do this is to give them an option to express their opinion. Provide them with a friendly in-app star evaluation system and feedback forms. Remember that any questionnaire you prepare should be swift and simple. The fewer clicks and typing, the more filled out forms you receive.

There is a group of attendees that is driven to conferences due to networking possibilities. They want to meet their friends, colleagues, industry professionals, and potential business partners. Socializing is one of the most activities they will take upon during your event. How can you make meeting strangers super simple and comfortable?

You may provide your audience with a conference app that has a built-in messaging and meeting scheduling system. It enables everybody to move from online to offline communication. It is more valuable than other social media as it gathers only target community present at a given meeting.

Once you have everyone in your venue, you have to make it as simple as possible to guide them through all important information. They should find it super easy to get to each room and find all information about the programme. Some of the news can be announced via microphone. However, if you have multiple rooms or do not want to intrude, the best idea is to notify your audience via in-app push notifications and news channel. Thanks to these features you can get to your audience instantly and silently.

The fact that your conference is over does not mean it is literally ‘the end’. It is good to stay in touch with your audience. You can follow this 4-step procedure. Show your gratitude for their presence and engagement. Remind them about the feedback and ask for an opinion if they haven’t done that already. Then, point their attention to all useful resources. Lastly, stay in touch and send them a message from time to time.

In conclusion, do not forget that your event needs to be attractive to your attendees. You should work out a concept that fits not only your goals but also the needs of participants. Everybody has some expectations towards a given conference. Try to meet most of them so as to satisfy each person.

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