Making an Impact With Post-Event Content

Making an Impact With Post-Event Content Meeting Application Blog

Post-event content is a crucial, yet overlooked part of event planning. Many organizers will consider their job to be done as soon as the last participant leaves the venue. In actuality, that moment is when the next event promotion starts. The content you produce after your show is over can take up many different forms. Even the simplest of them, like a blog post recap, will provide a nice closure to the conference. Read on to learn how to make an impact with your post-event content.

As evidenced below, there are many different ways to wrap up an event…

These range from costless, yet talent-demanding photos, to forms employing new technologies. Again, a lot will depend on the budget you have, but also the in-house skill and creativity at your disposal.

For the purpose of this post, I’ve looked at some major events and how their organizers were able to create exciting content to help people relive the experience and make them want to return next year.

Let’s go!

Jam Cruise

A never-ending party on a luxurious liner? Well damn, where do I sign up? The cruise organizers have developed a video that looks like a movie and makes you want to star in it.

People are all smiles and hugs, chilling, dancing, and enjoying themselves seemingly around the clock. The video oozes with positive vibes and definitely encourages one to hop on board for an unforgettable experience.

TED Talks

Everybody knows TED, right? It’s hard to not appreciate the myriad of quality lectures on a variety of topics they offer for free.

Once you’re done binge-watching them on YouTube, or actually attending a TED Talks event in real life, why not head over to their Instagram page for an aesthetic experience that will make you think and inspire you.

The Great American Foodie Fest

The Gram is for the food! If you haven’t Grammed your meal, have you really eaten it? All jokes aside, though, the visual media are great at literally raising our appetites.

In order to encourage you to visit the next GA food fest, its organizers are posting pics of the centerpiece of their event, which is food, of course. DO NOT CLICK if you’re hungry. I’ve warned you…

AMGEN Tour of California

Numbers and analytics are hugely important in sports these days. Coaches and players alike trust them religiously. Here we have a summary of a cycling event in the form of an infographic which delivers a bunch of fun facts pertaining to the race. If you’re into sports, you’re into numbers and will definitely appreciate some cold hard data like this.


Let’s stay on the video tip for a minute and head over to Coachella, which has to be one of the biggest music fests in the world, attracting around 250,000 people in 2017.

The showrunners have decided to employ Google’s VR180 cameras to create short vids that take viewers back to the Valley and allow them to relive or experience the festival as if they were there.

Sasquatch Fest

Here’s another major music festival with a cross-genre lineup (and a really cool typography, if you ask me).

Sasquatch event planners must be big on visual arts, as they make sure to showcase every edition’s poster on their site once the fest is over. This gives you a great look at the freshness and creativity of their designers and makes you anxious to see what’s in store for next year.

Electric Daisy Carnival

If you really wanted to attend it but couldn’t, not everything’s lost. Some cool technological solution comes to the rescue.

Scroll the page down a bit for a 360-view of the festival grounds – looks rad, amirite? This will definitely make you want to come to the next edition.


Getting your in-house content creators to develop a summary is one thing, but why not get a reaction from a local writer?

That’s what the Summerfest organizers have done to elicit a personal story and better understand how people relate to and engage with their event. Such a recap has the power to encourage others to attend the next edition and write their own stories, even if only in their heads.

Northern Nights

Testimonials are great for any business, but how about festimonials? I believe genuine opinions by actual concertgoers can work wonders as well.

The NNMF organizers published a couple of them to help others take that step and purchase the tickets. There’s a number of easy ways to collect them too – from asking people directly on the spot, to sending emails, to tracking official hashtags in social media.

Macy’s Parade

Last, but definitely not least, is the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade held in New York City, which is one of the world’s largest parades, with decades-long history.

Now, what Macy’s does is it provides an interactive map of Manhattan with clickable items, voiceover, photos, and lots of interesting information, all dating back to 1920’s. This is a great concept which allows organizers to easily add to it after each new edition of the parade is over.

Creative ways to promote an event

Event marketing efforts don’t stop once the show is over. Regardless of how much of a success it was, it can always get bigger next year.

Developing a creative piece of content which nicely wraps up your event is a great way to:

– thank the participants

encourage them to come again

– trigger a trip down the memory lane and create positive associations

– attract new participants

Post-event content is an important element of your promotional campaign, working to attract visitors throughout the entire transitional period between editions of the show. Don’t slack and make sure you develop it this time!

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