Meeting Application Announces a Partnership with Prowly

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Meeting Application, a global event app provider, and Prowly, PR and brand journalism software, have started a partnership. Companies that cooperate with us are particular about effective communication with their audiences during events.

We believe that they may also be interested in boosting their brands’ awareness on a daily basis. From now on, Meeting Application’s clients will be able to get a 30% discount on all their partner’s product packages.

What is Prowly? It is an online platform for PR pros, content marketers and brand journalists designed to streamline their communication efforts and raise awareness of their brands. At the heart of Prowly’s technology is what the company calls a Brand Journal. It enables companies and agencies to put all of their press releases, social and video channels, photos and blog posts in one place. It enables them to tell their brand’s story on a continual basis. Prowly also provides tools for audience & media database management, along with campaign tracking and analytics. Several hundred professionals already use Prowly, including PR team members of brands such as IKEA, Spotify, Deloitte Digital and National Geographic.adrian czyczerski

“We are proud to partner with Prowly,” said Adrian Czyczerski, Meeting Application CEO.
“We believe this is a perfect fit for customers that need to manage media relations, create great content and pitch their stories to relevant audiences.”


About Prowly
Prowly was established in May 2013 in Warsaw, Poland, where it now holds the leader position in the PR Software market. The startup currently employs seventeen people across its offices in Warsaw and Lodz (Poland) plus Boston, Massachusetts. In January 2016, Prowly raised $1.1 M series pre-A funding to introduce the product abroad.
For more information about Prowly’s technology please visit their website.

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