Two nominations to ETA 2014

Not so long ago we took part in a prestigious competition for companies in the events industry. Our participation in The Event Technology Awards 2014 resulted in great success—our mobile application for The Mobile Trends Conference 2014 (Android, iOS) impressed the organizers of that highly reputed event for #eventprofs.

“I’m extremely delighted that our mobile solution was appreciated by so professional a jury. We’ve entered in 2 categories, and we have 2 nominations! It’s some of the best news I’ve recently heard! Technology is developing with alarming speed, and we are able to follow it,” says Anna Paluch, the Meeting Application team representative.

Technology plays a crucial role in our existence—it’s an enormous part of our everyday life. We’re continuously surrounded by new inventions and implementations, making personal and business living more simple. And all these things apply to the events industry—developing innovative solutions to events, concerts, conferences, and of course brands.

Thinking of an “event” a little longer, we realize that many products and services from our surroundings have used modern technology to develop their function. Event Technology Awards popularize these premium technological inventions for events and increase customer awareness of high-tech solutions.

Meeting Application designed one of the 5 Best B2C Mobile Apps! It’s a great reason to be joyful and proud of our solution, as the best global event companies participated in the competition with us. We have irrefutable proof that our products remain at the absolute universal top level!

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 15.22.33

Apadmi, which has had more finalists and winners than any startup can dream about; Double Dutch, the European company providing similar products that have collected $17.4m towards their destination so far; MyGigApp, the author of the amazing Croke Park One Direction app; Re:System, which has been delivering innovative web-based solutions for years; And we,, the youngest company in the list, but without any inferiority complex for that reason.

It’s not the end of our achievements, either! We succeeded in another category—Best Admission & Visitor Management Technology.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 15.25.31

Being in the same list with the top brands like Cvent is a valuable honor for Meeting Application. Being able to contrast almost 35 years of Grass Roots Meetings & Events, or 30 years of Marketpoint, with the Meeting startup (1 year) is kind proof of our professionalism. Intelligent Venue Solutions has been mentioned in the top media numerous times. LionTrackhire, running in the industry for 50 years, ranked 26th in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100.  All these cases prove that we are on exactly the right track to becoming an event power!

Radek Paklikowski (see the interview), the founder of, talks about company:

“I’m unusually content about the visible effects of our hardworking. We have been building and the dream team for over a year. That’s the company, but above all these are the people. We can better and better see the pleasant proofs that our core values give us enormous competitive advantage. Although we compete with companies that have collected a dozen or so million dollars so far, we show that it’s possible to realize next destinations better and more effectively.”

Event-technology-awards-AppThe organizers of Mobile Trends 2014 managed the event using the online tool. The application had all the features that helped attendees to get around the venue (plans, maps, pushes) and arrange their personal, always up-to-date agenda (favs, reminders, speaker bios).

But these are not all of our app features. Thanks to a complex networking module, the users easily entered into personal and business relationships. They posted in the app, voted for the best lectures, and provided valuable feedback for the Mobile Trends organizers.

The managers could easily measure the efficiency of the mobile application! Thanks to the application’s insightful stats they knew who used the app, and how, where and when. It let them know about the most appreciated and demanded features. Moreover, the results in the application formed the basis to award the prizes during the accompanying event: Mobile Trends Awards.

The Event Technology Awards competition proves that our apps are at a high level: professional, innovative and reliable. The future of Meeting Application looks promising. This was only our first huge competition of that kind and we’ve already managed to achieve such great success!

And it’s only the beginning…

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