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Taking a closer look at whole phenomenon of technological advances, many people will probably wonder whether it is necessary to create mobile application…or is a website enough. However, the statistics speak for themselves, more and more people use the Internet, from mobile devices.

Statistical data indicate that 51% of people using smartphones, using them to connect to the network, once or several times a day. These are the most common users of smartphones and iPads. Mobile revolution has arrived, and application industry is becoming every year more powerful. Modern organizers should be up to date with its development.

Why do not take advantage of this and try to reach your potential customers via the mobile application?

Consider how it is with applications that support the event. Well, many companies and organizers of these events contemplate that the purchase of a mobile application is a kind of a business justification. The obvious criterion is the expected return from the investment of money. Undertaking such an important decision should refer to the case study of the implementation of the application.

What can event mobile application do?

When we talk about the characteristics of mobile applications, it is mandatory to mention one of the main features of which is the proximity user and organizers. This fact should be great value for the organizer of the event, who wants to build a relationship with the customer.

It should also be pointed out that the application has a number of strengths of events and functions that stationary devices (computers or notebooks) do not have. An example may be even accelerometer, or geolacation – one with the most important features from the point of view of the organization of event.

Thanks to geolocation, participants of the event can easily get to their destination, or to verify the location or events which are the closest. Many organizers use it to create the type of competitions – Check-in. It engages the participants of the event and enable the rivalry between them.

Why do you need to have an event mobile app?

Not until recently it was thought that all kinds of events can easily be carried out in a conventional manner. However, you have to remember about the progress of technology and the needs of the participants of our events. App must offer the user some helpful features, which are associated with the image of his brand.

But the applications are not only facilities for users but also for a company. In the eyes of the participants of the event supported by the mobile application, we become a modern brand, developmental and innovative in the crowd. Participants are more engaged, they have continuous access to updated information.

On the other hand, by presence of the conference networking tools they can be in touch with other users, share insights, information, etc..

Therefore taking into account the rapid evolution of technology and the challenges of our industry today, and remembering how demanding is the participation in the event, it can be concluded that the possession of the aforementioned mobile application events is becoming mandatory. If you are the organizer of the event and you want to achieve success, the event applications are what you must have!

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