What event apps offer event managers?

With the advent of age of smartphones, tablets and mobile applications there are new opportunities for communication.

Today, most of users are not able to imagine their life without social media . They give the participants new possibilities of networking – ideal for conferences and meetings. This is what Meeting Application offers to their users.

Thanks to the cooperation of InternetStandard and Meeting Application, participants of AdStandard 2013 could have used mobile conference application designed specially to the event. AdStandard 2013 was about new channels of communication while advertising, so the audience was best target to use mobile application for that conference.

The application has countless features that make the management easier.  It contains the schedule and biographies of speakers. Users can find there a lot of information about places and competitions during the conference. They can create personalized agenda with favorite sessions and meetings.

Information included in the application can be updated at any time. The entire process takes place in the background, this does not involve the participant. I’ll give an example of an agenda of the meeting: if some changes are required (in the course of the event, different room of the meeting,¬† the speaker`s name), attendees receive updated information.

The process of communication between the participants engages different solutions. The application supports sending private messages between guests of the meeting. Comments and opinions are possible, too. Moreover, listeners can rate the sessions. This is necessary for obtaining reliable feedback or asking a question to the moderator. Then the results  can be presented in the structured graphs.

Mobile app users have access to information about participants of the event. The application has secure system of communication between them. AsStandard2013 is based primarily on networking. Users can follow such channels as Facebook and Twitter. More importantly, they are able to chat personally with each other.

Interactive map in the mobile application can show the shortest way to the chosen place. Thanks to this feature users have no opportunity to get lost. Plans of event area make it familiar to mobile users from foreign towns and countries.

Take advantage of all mentioned features! Plan your event carefully and manage it easy!


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