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Everybody knows that green is the new black. Mobile event app developers follow this trend and try to be environmentally friendly. Maybe the mobile conference tools will not stop the ice melting in the North Pole, but there are some ecological benefits of using them.

Every minute the amount of paper waste across the world rises dramatically. We cut enormous number of trees in order to produce disposable materials. Conferences and other type of meetings are often involved in this process. If one of your company's goals is to ensure a constant growth while safeguarding environmental sustainability you should invest in the conference technology. This blog post will show you what is eco-friendly about event apps.Not many people know, that one message posted on their facebook wall (using a personal computer or laptop) uses the same portion of energy as 100 phone software updates. It’s hard to imagine that using mobile phones instead of PCs reduces the CO2 emission. However, stats don't lie. You can save the Earth by simply using your mobile phone more often. Try testing it not only for calling and texting. It is a really 'smart' device.What does it all have to do with mobile meeting apps?Let’s assume you need to set a video conference with 10-12 people. It’s pretty simple. You can use any of the existing video-chat apps. But think about it this way. Each person needs a computer or a SmartTV with Internet access. Even when 3-4 people are together in front of one TV you will still need 4 TVs with Internet access. This meeting lasts 2 hours. How much electric power is required for those 4 devices? And what about other equipment essential for fast Internet connection? It’s quite a lot actually. But what if there was another way…Let’s get back to our conference. I’m sure that every single person out of that 10-12 participants has a mobile phone. It’s logical, that a 3 square inch phone will use less energy than a 42” flat screen TV or a 15” laptop.People build better and faster cellphones so as to use them instead of regular computers and paper sheets. If 1% of all companies started using smartphones for conference calls and sharing documents it would benefit the environment. But imagine if 10% of the firms worldwide turned off their personal computers and used their smartphones for meetings, video chats, web browsing etc.Another advantage of using event apps is the ability to put all information in the size of a smartphone screen. We could reduce the number of paper materials and upload all content in the form of app components like agenda, maps, speaker profiles, and resources. Imagine how many trees could we save.I am not a scientist, but I’m sure it would make the Earth less polluted. Nobody can force people to change their behavior. We may, however, show them how to change their bad habits and use mobile phones in a smart way. If you are interested in this topic read more info here.
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