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This one is one not to be missed! Harare International Carnival, whose main objective is joining different ethnic groups in Zimbabwe will take place in the second part of May in Harare.

Why this carnival is special and why event app is important in this type of event?

About a million people from 15 countries did celebrate this spectacular event last year. This year the event promises to be even bigger.

The Harare International Carnival is a week long annual festival that encompasses a series of events and festivities. It is aimed at advancing the arts, culture and heritage of Zimbabwe as well as uniting the populace. It is all about celebrating diversity, getting communities together, getting to know one another, in the love and harmony.

All that builds the country into a peaceful and promising place for everyone. Zimbabwe as a country boasts of the rich cultural traditional events which celebrate the seven wonders of the country in activity, jubilation and color.

The Carnival is an opportunity to be entertained by many musical groups creating different music genres, from calm and peaceful sounds that is vivid and full of the energy such as samba. Attendees will take part in competitions, shows and events. Moreover, they will discuss many important cases during the Africa Day. Great integration and unforgettable experiences – that is what the carnival offers to the participants!

Meeting Application team designs mobile event app that will be used during this multicultural Carnival. Users will take advantage of many useful features of the application. Clear agenda, performing artists, marked locations and many more characteristics will be available for them to plan and schedule festivities they would want to attend. Soon, you will read the post with the application screens included.


The Gallery is full of photos that will showcase Harare as a sun city and a city of choice to visit. Pictures and videos will be added to the app before, during and after the carnival.

Participants will have a possibility provide feedback to the Meeting Application team and Harare Carnival Organizers on the mobile application. This will eliminate some inconveniences and improve the quality of both Carnival organization and Meeting Application apps in the future.

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