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Networking as a concept in itself is known to all of us, and this is mainly due to the so-called social networks, which have created a furore on the internet since several years. For sure all of you have heard names like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We use it, have accounts and profiles, and benefit from it as much as possible.

But why this idea is so popular?

What is networking in mobile and how to do it?

Theoretically speaking, it is some kind of exchange of information, resources, mutual support and opportunities, driven by favorable networks. Networking is nothing like communicating with other people, and it is all because relationships are basic human need.

Also, today’s lifestyle makes the need for a increasingly faster and easier exchange of information, through the use of chat, video chat, or simply sending the messages via email.

Today the idea of ​​networking (mentioned in the introduction) promote social networking. Its fullest manifestation is networking business, which increasingly uses mobile devices. Business Networking is mainly keeping in touch, effective exchange of information and maintaining friendly business atmosphere.

With the development of technology, networking could not be left behind. In response to newer technologies and the emergence of modern phones, so-called smartphones or tablets, we create native mobile apps. They work just as effectively as those on computers, and because of their mobility, very soon they found many enthusiastic users.

Mobile social networking sites allow users to create a profile, send and receive messages via phone or computer and visit an on-line version of mobile site. There are different models which were adapted by different networking sites. As mobile web evolved from proprietary mobile technologies and networks, to full mobile access to the Internet, the distinction changed to the following types:

  • Web based social networks being extended for mobile access through mobile browsers and smartphone apps,
  • Native mobile social networks with dedicated focus on mobile use like mobile communication, location-based services, and augmented reality, requiring mobile devices and technology.


However, mobile and web-based social networking systems often work symbiotically to spread content, increase accessibility and connect users from wherever they are.

In business, more and more applications support conference or event organizing. To be functional enough, they have to offer networking. Users can easily make contact with other members of the conference or event. Exchange information, important contacts, and maintaining this contact, thus create the previously mentioned business networking (network of contacts with co-workers).

Knowing the advantages of mobile networking, there is nothing better than investing in the purchase of application that will make the contact among participants easier.

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