Why should you support Networking

When looking for a new job, you collect information on postgraduate studies of new co-worker who interest you. Very often you are looking for information among those surrounding you. In most cases, you will get a lot of them, sometimes even more than you might think.

It best describes the idea of ​​networking, which is nothing other than creating contacts using sustained relationships, resulting in giving each other both aid and support. As Jeffrey Gitomer said: “No man is an atom and it needs the environment at every stage their lives both in personal and professional life.”

Why networking is a serious situation breaker?

Thus, networking relies heavily on the use of everyday experiences in creating relationships with people around us and those with whom we contact every day.

According to Gitomer, networking is mainly characterized by:

  • Long-term span (the longer acquaintance, the more solid basis for contact)
  • Systematic (maintaining knowledge is more than its making)
  • Trust (you don’t advise and help a person if you do not trust),
  • Reciprocity (the most important way to get, is giving)
  • Process (network is being created all the time, is not something permanent, unchanging-hence continually requires action).

But what if you confront the concept of networking with mobile networking?

Mobile networking mainly promotes social networking services such as facebook or instagram, but its fullest expression is the business networking.

Being the organizer of the conference or event, main goal should be to provide the users opportunities to communicate with each other. The option of networking makes that participants have an opportunity to effective exchange information and messages between each other. They also are able to share documents.

Networking is conducive to nurturing contacts in both the social and business. It allows to make friends, as well to promote the so-called business friendly atmosphere.

What else involve such activities?

  • recommending services
  • sharing of knowledge and assistance, very helpful in business area
  • building long-term relationships based on mutual benefits.

Therefore again quoting Jeffrey Gitomer: “Networking requires patience, you can learn it, requires a planned action, but also allows for the possibility of change, creative thinking and creativity in creating relationships.”

Remember, people want to know, want to talk, so give them that opportunity! Networking is not just another invention of the modern world but a part of everyone’s life.

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