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We always listen carefully to the changing needs of the event organizers. That is why, all our employees keep the register of our clients’ requests. We choose the most popular functionalities and the IT team develops our application accordingly. I would love you to take a look at the brand new Meeting Application features. We all hope you gonna love them and make your event even better thanks to their usefulness.

Here is a list of features that have been recently implemented:

Attendee List and Inbox as a Separate Menu Tab

In the past, we have kept your attendee list and inbox in the networking section. Now you can have such tabs on your main menu list. It makes communication even easier. Each participant can find a given person easily and type a message. The awaiting response notification appears on the inbox tab. No one will miss it.

Business Matching

It provides attendees with the ability to arrange meetings. Everybody can send a meeting request. The recipient has 2 choices: accept and reject. The sender is being notified only if the meeting is approved. As a result, all users have only positive experience with the app.

Live Voting Results Display System

Many of our clients wanted to display some of their survey or polling results. We have prepared a feature enabling result display on the venue main screen. In the past it was possible only on user smartphones. Each question form has its unique link. You can also install such plug-in on your website. Thanks to this, results will be available over there as well.

Access Code

Due to the fact that we have many corporate clients in our portfolio, we have decided to boost our app access control system. Each conference may have its unique event code. Only people who know the code will be able to enter the app content.

Group Visibility Management System

This feature enables you to display different content to various attendee types. It is not complicated as you still have one admin panel. Some components can be visible to all groups and some only to a specific one. It means that you end up with various app versions depending on the attendee role at your event. Once you upload your user list and assign them groups you can assign groups visibility to a given menu tab.  You are also able to post targeted posts, agendas and send personalized push notifications.

5 Types of Push Notifications

There are 2 new push types in our conference app – ‘push-feed’ and ‘push-group’. Now we have 5 options in total. The first one, namely ‘push-feed’ enables you to automatically save push’s content in the News section. It is especially useful as some of the users may disable push notifications. This enables you to reach out to all attendees with one click. The other new notification type is a ‘push-group’. It enables you to send pushes only to a specific group of attendees like VIP guests, event staff or delegates. You only need to assign your customized groups to users first.

Speaker Sequence

By default their sequence is alphabetical. However, you can make some of the speakers shine and drag them to the top of the list. It is especially important as some of them might be VIP guests and you want to emphasize their presence at your event. The only thing you need to do is to drag and drop the chosen profiles to the top of the list.

Abstracts / Event Materials

This is the most flexible feature we have on board. The only required field is the name of your conference file. It enables you to choose the fields relevant to your needs. You don not have to use them all if they are irrelevant to your purpose. You can also create many categories and upload new abstracts in alphabetical order. In other words, it is the best place for all your event materials like a product, film, presentation, doc list. Feel free to create your own section here.

These are all new Meeting Application functionalities. Hope you and your attendees gonna enjoy it. Feel free to drop us your feedback. Your suggestions are always welcome.

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