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Music festival Woodstock event app

Woodstock music festival has an feature-rich mobile event application.

is one of the biggest European music festival that takes place every August. This great, lasting from 20 years event, gathers fans of many different music, poetry and art genres. Participants can spend unforgettable or even magic moments in the picturesque suburbs of polish little town – Kostrzyn.

As the technology develops, more and more events have mobile applications projected specially for them. Last Woodstock Festival could have been seen in mobile application designed by the Meeting Application team. Woodstock Application helped many users to organize their time during this huge and popular festival.

The Idea of organizing the Festival is from Jurek Owsiak – founder of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity- organization that aim is to work in the field of health protection by saving patients’ and especially young patients’ life and supporting their treatment. That’s why so many medical trainings are organized to raise the health awareness of the Woodstock participants.

But education is not everything what organizers offer the countless participants. Entertainment and opportunity to meet friends from all the country seem to be really attractive. Peace and Love and the Flower Power overcome cultural differences, the age is no more important. Living in tents and the lack of exclusive conveniences let the participants feel closer to the nature.

Very many different events take place during the Woodstock Festival every august in Kostrzyn. Concerts last from the morning until the deep night on 4 scenes. So the need of Woodstock application was reasoned.  Users could have easily found information on the place and time of the event and read the descriptions of performing artists and groups. Imagine how important it must be if the festival area is so huge!

Next feature worth mentioning was the map of the Woodstock area with the important points marked on it. Users could have easily found the shortest way, what was really helpful, when they had to bypass about 200000 people.

Woodstock Check – iners were awarded with special badges. They were projected in a way that the participants could have felt the Woodstock climate. Then the users could have shared it on their facebook walls.

Amazing and very impressive graphics used in the mobile app were designed by CocoLab. They are a group of creative, fully engaged to graphic design specialists. Colours of Woodstock Application are accordant with green and brown dominating on the Festival area and give the user impression of being there before its beginning.

Woodstock mobile app was great success of The Meeting Application company. It was used by the participants more than 75 thousands times and almost 90% of users returned to using the app several times. It was available for Android platform.

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