5 best public relations tools

The creation of a good relationship with customers and a positive image of your company is a continuous and sometimes a long process. Without good PR, it is very difficult to draw the attention of the target audience. Once you get it, you need tools that will keep it at the highest level, and this level should be permanently monitored.

Choose a hotel in 6 steps!

An interesting program and good organization are undoubtedly factors that affect the success of a conference. However, choosing the right place to host your event has a profound effect on the course of the meetings. Therefore, it’s worth finding out how and where to do this.

Success on PayPal #BattleHack

Last weekend, there was a highly prestigious programming event that PayPal – the so-called BattleHack. Five people from our team took part in it. We are pleased to announce that four of them returned with the prize. Mateusz Sowa, Łukasz Urbas, Mateusz Młodawski, and Rafał Sobota (pictured in that order) received the prize for best Android integration. We are extremely pleased and incredibly proud of them!

The key to the company’s success

What can you do to make your company successful – the answer seems to be easy…just plan and run an efficient marketing strategy. But in the realization of it, the strategy becomes more and more difficult. Golden tips from marketing specialists, bloggers and journalists for demanding startups are really helpful in planning a strategy for success.

How to promote events: new ways

Each organizer planning an event should take into account and get to know the best methods of promotion. The success and popularity of an event among the potential participants depend on the choice of methods, tools and media. Choose wisely! Read and check out the latest and best methods!

Offline mode in your application

The conference is going on, and more and more attendees are using mobile apps for your event. They are checking the agenda,  sending private messages, using maps to navigate them properly…nothing that announces that a terrible catastrophe is imminent. But it is happening right before your, never-falling organizer’s eyes! Your application is crashing… Why online and offline mode in your event mobile application is important? I’m sure you hate all that mess and storm that such a crash can cause! Now you’re just dreaming about a mobile application that could work offline. Maybe you’ve slightly let your attendees down this time, but you can delight them with a perfect mobile application next time. Use one of the apps that works […]

3 habits of best event managers

Event organization is a challenge for any event manager. There are different projects, different circumstances, and deadlines to consider. To cope with these challenges, the person responsible for organizing events must have the appropriate knowledge and skills required. Today, we write about the three habits things, that we believe they should have in the habit. Of course, these three aspects of event management are not everything. Experienced and involved managers will develop a wide spectrum of organizational skills to become an authority figure for event attendees. Not only observing, reacting, and using conference supporting tools, but also a willingness to be perfect, above all, plays a huge role in this process of development. 1. Observe the audience and… react ! […]

Our company's way to the world

Meeting Application is a mobile conference app that has proven to be the best when organizing any event. Radosław Paklikowski, a member of the Board of meetingapplication.com, has been associated with the mobile market for four years.

Wampiriada – rescue app

The intention of saving someone’s life is great and noble and realization of it can manifest in blood donating. There are countless hospitals, buses, blood donating centers, that willingly host volunteers of this beautiful initiative. Blood donors can often support banks during blood donating actions organized by many associations. Wampiriada, one of the most popular actions organized by NZS (Independent Students’ Association gathering active students in the largest Polish cities), annually gathers volunteers willing to donate blood. This year they can use mobile application designed specially to this precious event. Premiere of Wampiriada application converged with 34 anniversary of the NZS. The association used the mobile technology during the action of blood donating  as first all over the World. We […]

Sports App for Basketball fans

The summer season is coming, therefore more and more of our thoughts occupies sport and physical activity. This time, let’s take a closer look at one of the most popular team sports in the world – basketball. Sport activities and Mobile Apps go hand in hand. Certainly in our recent implementation- application for WKS Slask Basketball.

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