Organizer & audience, keep contact!

Contact between attendees and organizers is really important. Yeah, you know for sure, I won’t write this sentence anymore! But did you thought why it is so? How to start it and how to develop this precious relationship? When and what kind of words should you use to take best advantages of the contact? What action should be undertaken?

How mobile apps promote business?

The modern world offers us a complete range of technological facilities. Many companies and organizations wonder how to use them for their own development, the wider promotion and image creation, which is very important in these days. Mobile applications best meet their needs.

Promotion of mobile applications

Mobile apps are quite new inventions so they need new ways of making them popular on the Web. The promotion of mobile applications is a new type as template advertising: Advertising Application in digital content. This is a special type of advertising available in the  AdWords interface.

Mobile apps we all should know

Technology is still developing. More and more mobile applications help a lot of people to use the Internet on the portable devices. Event organizers are considering how to use mobile technology to engage their attendees and delegates. The solution is quite simple – there are special mobile apps designed specially for events and conferences.