What event apps offer event managers?

With the advent of age of smartphones, tablets and mobile applications there are new opportunities for communication.

Great value of sponsors

Almost very event can be sponsored…but finding a sponsor requires a lot of skills. Especially it needs the consequences of the action. The ability to combine information is necessary from the customer and sponsor.  The specificity of the sponsorship makes companies interested in supporting the event or initiative.

Mobile applications in business

Businesses are increasingly using mobile applications: about 84%  Polish companies consider implementing custom mobile applications. About 47% have already implemented or is doing it now. Dissemination of mobile applications shows that Polish companies believe that mobility could bring business benefits.

6 steps to start contact on event

Having great application for your conference is just the beginning. People who use it are the key to its success. Imagine how many of them can use your intuitive tool. Multiply them by their friends in social networks. They all work for you and your app works for them smartly.

Make your speech interesting!

Remember when you were in school and the teacher explained some amazing, interesting stuff, but the way he was explaining it made you want to jump out of the window or simply fall asleep? That’s exactly the behavior you need to avoid in order to make your conference a success.

4 apps to learn foreign language

The market of mobile solutions is large and complex. There are countless applications designed to run on smartphones. They have different functionalities and features: to game, to network, to organize event, to plan a day and many more…With certain apps, English language studying can be a peace of cake!

Organizer & audience, keep contact!

Contact between attendees and organizers is really important. Yeah, you know for sure, I won’t write this sentence anymore! But did you thought why it is so? How to start it and how to develop this precious relationship? When and what kind of words should you use to take best advantages of the contact? What action should be undertaken?

How mobile apps promote business?

The modern world offers us a complete range of technological facilities. Many companies and organizations wonder how to use them for their own development, the wider promotion and image creation, which is very important in these days. Mobile applications best meet their needs.

Promotion of mobile applications

Mobile apps are quite new inventions so they need new ways of making them popular on the Web. The promotion of mobile applications is a new type as template advertising: Advertising Application in digital content. This is a special type of advertising available in the  AdWords interface.

Portable & internet devices era

Technology is still developing. More and more mobile applications help a lot of people to use the Internet on the portable devices. Event organizers are considering how to use mobile technology to engage their attendees and delegates. The solution is quite simple – there are special mobile apps designed specially for events and conferences.

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