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Your attendees do not come to your event for a cup of coffee and free catalogues. They want something more. They want to get the most of it. You want the same but call it a bit different – you want people to get involved. People who are really interested in your event are grateful participants – they listen, discuss and give something back.

How to get attendees attention and get close?

It is not so easy…but if you will succeed, this will be extremely rewarding for you as an event organizer, and for your conference as well.  Maybe some of my ideas will be some kind of help and will solve certain problems.

Integrate first

People will get involved when they feel the power of community. This is why you should integrate them. Conference application will be crucial. Just imagine they use your application at home. It allows attendees to see who they know and who they need to meet before, during and after the meeting. Social media can also help you in this field. Use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to show what you are up to. Internet shortens the distance.

In reality

Mobile devices are great but there is nothing better than connecting people in reality. Keep in mind that it is your duty to integrate people. Active engagement in your conference is crucial.

Monitor feedback

Everything can be useful. Remember: check tweets, announcements, where your hashtags are used, track usage stats. People like to be online when they have opportunity. Conference goings-on will be checked and discussed. People also want to judge. Do not be afraid of their opinions. Their criticism may be helpful.

Attendees’ feedback is what you need to prepare next (and better!) conference and to keep event afterlife. Do you have any answers, voting, polls or questionnaires results? Send them to all people who were your guests. This is what makes them feel important for you.

Time to play

There are conferences that provide entertainment. It depends on the subject of the event but gaming programmers or music industry are often open to entertainment. This can be valuable and enhance the experience of your participants. Prepare some surprises that help them relax – they deserve it.

Just remember

Keep in mind: nothing is more important than good and interesting speaker who can keep your attendees attention. This can make event networking really effective.

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