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The age of long, boring and fully predictable conferences has passed irrevocably. New technology inventions, offering help to the organizers, become more and more popular. Mobile apps have numerous features that can make the lectures interesting, participants more cooperative and competitive. One of most engaging features is gamification.

Mobile games can launch conference app and boost its presence in entertainment. Use them wisely, attract you guests and secure unforgettable amusement. Your participants will become addicted to the gamification that mobile app offers.

Stop being so serious

Do you think respectable conference, significant topics of your meeting, speakers’ university degrees and games do not go together? You are so wrong! Show your attendees a human face! They need to be sure that you know what good entertainment is. Find nice and intelligent way to prove your conference components fit together.

Not only for fun

It is not just to give fun. It even has its name: event app gamification. What is behind it? Gamification is the attachment of game mechanics and dynamics into non-game activities. Your main aim should be a desired behavior. Special game added to your event mobile app may enforce contacts between your guests. All challenges should support your event – to educate, to socialize, to achieve things and most of all – to energize. Believe me, angry birds cannot help you – but do not fool yourself – your attendees will play this game if your meetings are not interesting enough!

Aim your goal

What do you want to achieve? Get opinions, revive the company, make your sponsors happy? Or maybe you want the participants attended main meeting, checked the surveys, visited exhibitions, downloaded information, made buzz in social media? You can discuss these objectives with your mobile event app developer and create great game. Remember that it has to be easy to learn and to operate – nobody wants to read long regulations.

Earn points

Are you keen on getting points in your drug store or supermarket – is works for shops loyalty and your gifts. Take the advantage of it during your conference. Your participants can collect points, achieve new levels. Participating in challenges has never been so funny and educational – especially when they may compare their progress with others in the mobile app or via leader boards. They may also earn achievements such as badges and prizes.

And the winner is…

Remember to reward. Person with the most points at the end of conference wins great prizes. What do you think about free registration to next year’s conference? Good one, right? It is also an easy way to promote your company products and events.

Could be your hall of fame

You can see how it worked in Cleveland, Ohio. Content Marketing World held their opening reception at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The organizers decided to intrigue their guests right in the beginning – at the reception. All participants got a sticker with a famous rock band with the name of a band member printed on it. They had to find all the members of their band – a prize was not so easy to get – first guests had to socialize and give small talks to new people. Reunited bands were in the game again.

Imagine what you can do with mobile devices and event application. Start with a custom game which awards for messaging other participants, uploading files, asking questions, answering short quizzes at the end of each session, checking into sessions or completing assessments.

Let your imagination run wild!

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