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Make your speech interesting! with event app - Meeting Application event app
Remember when you were in school and the teacher explained some amazing, interesting stuff, but the way he was explaining it made you want to jump out of the window or simply fall asleep? That’s exactly the behavior you need to avoid in order to make your conference a success.

Even the most incredible fact or notion loses value when it’s presented poorly. We’re living in the XXI century and nobody will stand listening to “dry facts” for more than 15 minutes. People want some excitement, some non-verbal stimulation because otherwise they get reeeeaaallly boooored very fast.

That’s why if don’t want to talk the ears off your audience, you’ll need to use the best conference application. And you have to be sure that it’s real best one. But that’s why you’re on this website isn’t it?

If you have read some of the information about our conference application, you already know that it gives you endless possibilities to engage your attendees. There are thousands of ways to make your presentation interesting. There is a science behind it and years of research. The best idea is the simple idea: make your presentation FUN. Conference apps give you freedom to do just that.

But first things is that you always need to plan your presentation. Start with the basics. As obvious as it might sound, you really need to care about your topic. It’s not only about the “how” but also about “why” you are presenting. It’s also good to ask yourself the same questions you would ask, if somebody else were to make that presentation.

Why is it important? What is there that I don’t already know? Then you’ll need to figure out, how to involve the attendees in your presentation. A smart conference app will make it possible for you to use one of the hundred techniques you’ll find when you type “involving audience” in your web search engine.

Encourage your audience to use conference networking tools and to rate your session. You’ll know instantly if you’re doing it right. If not… Next time try to surprise your crowd.

Persuade them to take their smartphones and walk to the park during your presentation. Mobile conference applications make it possible to enjoy your presentation everywhere, so why not suggest that to your audience? Be interesting because only in that case your words will not be treated like the white noise that nobody likes and your presentations will potentially change lives.

It’s amazing how much you can accomplish by utilizing all the possibilities that are given to you by modern technology. You can make your presentation totally interactive, by selecting places on the map, that your audience needs to visit in order to proceed to the next stage.

You can also socialize with your crowd, show them interesting tweets and content available on the Internet. Don’t be afraid to try something new and exciting because if you’re excited and energized, you’re attendees will react the same way.

Once I’ve met a guy who had incredible knowledge. Man was like a walking encyclopedia. But whenever he had to make any sort of presentation…he was becoming a shadow of himself. He looked out there like a fish out of water. That’s precisely why everyone needs to practice and prepare their presentation skills. Yes… you too

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