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As a well-organized person, you probably know that it’s not enough to have a product or skill in order to be successful. If you want to invite guests to the meeting you’re organizing and you want them to be aware of the state-of-the-art technology you are using, you will have to distribute the information of the mobile application somehow in order to promote it.

First of all, let them know it’s there. If the conference app you are using already has a catchy name and a slogan to go with it, all the better for you. If not, you always have the name of the app and you can try your hand at devising a successful slogan. It is best to include the relevant information on the event networking tool already in the invitation.

What is more, you want to repeat this information every time you send your guests materials before the meeting. At this stage, try to make use of the solutions offered by the mobile event app, so that the participants already have a chance to see what they are in for and how much fun it would be.

If the event management application you have decided to use can also take advantage of the social media, your way to success seems to be paved with gold. You will then have a chance to present your conference app as a versatile tool, which not only helps to organize content for the meeting, but also brings together people with similar interests and allows them to exchange information related to the meeting, but also pertaining to its subject matter.

Social media will allow you to exploit a broader range of the solutions your event mobile app offers:

  • posting curiosities related to the subject matter you will be discussing at the meeting,
  • preparing a mini-survey to get the participants interested still before the event actually takes place,
  • obtaining feedback on which aspect of the discussed problem they would like to touch upon most,
  • getting to know the participants before you get to the subject matter of the event.
As a business event organizer you realise that something that has not been promoted does not in fact exist. Your success will partially depend on the number of downloads of your mobile event application, so it is vital to make your audience curious and interested in the tool you intend to use.The ends justify the means, in some situations at least, so feel free to post information on your conference app in any media you can think of – mailing can be a good idea, of course, but what works even better is posting information in social media. The slogan – mentioned at the very beginning of this article – is one thing, the other is definitely visual attractiveness. Use the colour and design to help draw attention to the event application you want your guests to download.If you want to take it one step further, include an element of surprise. However, if you have a gut feeling that your imagination could carry you a bit too far in this respect, you can always stay on the safe side and either resort to the solutions already inherent in the event app or ask more experienced colleagues for a tip.

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