How to promote events: new ways

promote-contentEach organizer planning an event should take into account and get to know the best methods of promotion. The success and popularity of an event among the potential participants depend on the choice of methods, tools and media. Choose wisely! Read and check out the latest and best methods!

At the beginning, we should ask ourselves what goals our campaign has to achieve. In most cases, they are the same: fostering positive emotions in the recipients, the intense stirring of the senses, and creating an association with the impression and our brand or event among consumers. Overall, we want our events to be visited by as many people as possible.

That’s what the internet is – the main place to promote your events. Why? It encourages people and gives them the opportunity to communicate and share impressions through words, sounds and images. No wonder then, that that is where we find the biggest crowd of participants. But before we describe in detail any method, in promotion there are several important rules, which also apply to the web:

  1. Prepare content with the highest quality.
  2. Share your material with your followers.
  3. Make your content easy to find in search engines.

So how do you promote your events? It can be quite time-consuming and demanding but the results can be really surprising. However, in order not to get lost in all of this, you can divide promotion into two stages: the daily phase and the long-term phase.

Let’s start from what you should be doing every day, using social media:

Social Media – first of all, Twitter is one of the main sources of promotion in social media. You should not post more than four tweets per day. You should also remember that your event should not appear with a high frequency. Tweets devoted to the promotion of the event should be published in the proportion of one to four. Share not only your own content 🙂

On Facebook, the frequency of sharing links and posts related to the event is much lower than on Twitter. Taking into account the general principles, one post per day should be enough. Also remember to include a short commentary with a link and hashtags for Twitter.

A similar principle applies for the when it comes to frequency of posting on Google+ as for Facebook, one post per day is enough. When sharing materials about the event remember to select hashtags. Tag anybody who is mentioned and make sure that the privacy settings of your posts are set to “Public”.

Newsletter – if you are an organizer of events, you need to stock up on your list of email contacts of people in the industry.

This gives you a unique opportunity to share every new piece information or material you’ve published. Every time new content is ​​available, send a notification to people on your contact list via email.

Remember that you can send either an email with all the content or an introduction and a link to further information. Little hint: remember that re viewed the emails sent personally are much better viewed, while the others may be perceived as spam.

Promotional emails are increasingly used as a promotional tool.

There are numerous advantages of this type of communication: the delivery is immediate, this method is almost free, and the messages are easily stored, downloaded and transmitted. These mean that this is one of the most popular tools for marketing.

How does it work? People in your contacts list receive an email with hyperlinks. They can follow the links to find more information about a particular topic and some links lead directly to pages about your event. Do not forget to include in your email a “Share” button ­– this means your transmitted content can spread significantly through the network.

Interestingly, more than 60 percent of respondents believe that this is the best way to reach their customers, and they are reducing their use of other media (newspapers and various magazines).

Now, when you have shared your content, you have to make sure that your followers do not forget about you.

Share and tweet content about your event but remember moderation and the golden rule: one post out of four should promote your event, the rest of the posts should have completely different content. Do not overdo it 🙂

Over time, posts and tweets about the event should appear less frequently, and they should also not refer to it directly. Namely, remember to intrigue your followers. For example, share fragments of the description of your event, photographs of previous editions or participants’ opinions about it. Do not forget other social media sites such:,,, and

It is worth asking what is required for promotion and what will create long-term effects.

Every day is a great opportunity to promote yourself, your company and an event organized by you. But promotion is mainly networking, which is established through so-called mutual promotions. Remember that when you are not discussing your event or content on social media channels, then you can post about other people’s events (do them a favor).

Then you can be sure that they will give you some feedback about your event on their channel, thereby extending the network of people who receive a message about your event and with whom you can establish solid contact.

Create a list of famous and influential people, twitters and bloggers!

  1. People with whom contact has already been established
  2. Famous people associated with the industry, whom you don’t know but should have in your circle
  3. People from the industry whom you want to be linked to

When your list of contacts is finished, follow the profiles of the chosen people. You must also make every effort to become recognized as a credible person. Thus, send private messages to twitters or bloggers who have published content related to your industry.

When you can, share content that may be valuable for them. They will decide whether to make it further available.You have to wait patiently. Similarly, you can ask someone to tweet about your event by offering to retweet in exchange. Remember also actively to comment on blogs with content similar to yours. This can make the authors return the favor.

Finally there are methods whose implementation may take much more time but the results can be surprising:

  1. One of the most effective methods is to write an e-book or book. If you are planning to take this challenge, you should remember that your content must include research of the highest quality. Often, this is a very long-term project, requiring investment in both work and money. However, you can be sure that it’s definitely worth it!
  2. Create and share lists of the most followed personalities in the industry. Publishing lists of people and their achievements will bring you many benefits. For sure, you can count on gratitude from the people you mentioned, and also they will comment on and share your content. Together, this creates a perfect marketing tool. And remember, that drawing up rankings is really cool and interesting 🙂
  3. Create periodic reports about the industry. These reports should be repeated regularly and have a proven and useful content, often enriched with infographics. Be a leader in your industry.

As you can see there are many new opportunities that will allow you to promote your events. You can be sure that their use results in a specified time. Most importantly, many of them do not require any financial outlay. Simply demonstrate perseverance and cleverness, and your event will be visited by a larger number of people than you thought likely.

What are your favorite methods for promoting an event? 

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