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Mobile apps are quite new inventions so they need new ways of making them popular on the Web. The promotion of mobile applications is a new type as template advertising: Advertising Application in digital content. This is a special type of advertising available in the  AdWords interface.

The application is not supported by the editor. By creating an ad with a template somebody can choose the operating system platform for applications. Then it is possible to retrieve it in the appropriate application store. You do not have to type the url any application. The main system will search for it within the store.

Microsoft (and its lawyers ) are adequately protects their interests. For those interested in a dedicated Web site is containing the names of proprietary brands. For mobile developers Microsoft has useful guides in the form of PDF files, such as: Windows Phone Marketing Kit for Windows Phone Store Application Developers.

This document contains a number of tips on how can be prepared information on mobile application. They can be for Windows Phone – all, embedded in the Metro -style uniform. Guide expressly permits the use of the promotion of applications as photos of Apple products. A lot of companies have a problem with it.

There were encountered many of the ads, which were processed iPhones had tried to avoid accusations of a proprietary product appearance. iPhones gets the mobile project to a happy ending . The application lands on mobile users. Normally at the point iPhones thinks about the broad advertising trap.

Ads mobile app had the opportunity over the last two months to test several developers. They are including Kabama, Fab and TinyCo or Big Fish. Their results have been satisfactory. Both of them are for businesses and Facebook. The idea is rather simple.

The developer advertises its mobile application channel mobile version of Facebook. By clicking on the ad somebody can be redirected to the Google Play or the App Store. You are able to download the application. This can be on the smartphone. The site gets good margin of the transaction in this way.

Every day this firm do not have the problems with the use of the brands that they do not own. But what to do when the client wants to legitimately promote the mobile application ? What documents and guidelines ought to know and apply to avoid business problems? There are handy guide with links to marketing departments.

It can assume Apple firm. The firm takes care of its ” attributes ” . All were described. There is no any room for ambiguity. Worse, however, with the knowledge of a lot of decision-makers for whom the App Store and Apple Store are exactly the same … List Apple ‘s trademarks is always available on a dedicated website – everybody needs to know and gets to know these names.

It is for the sake of knowledge about the proper spelling. The customers know the name of the brand. For example: somebody would expect the brand or words such as iPhone, iPod, and iTunes. They are on the large list. Brand App Store is on the list of reserved
Apple`s name. The main services for developers document is in PDF format: Marketing and Advertising Guidelines for Developers.

The last update was made in December 2012. The guide provides the rules for the use of logos and names of proprietary Apple. They are with examples in practices. There are good or bad examples. Google defines a special Web site a list of the own trademarks.

The list is not Android. Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc. For developers and marketers is crucial Brand Guidelines page. It is a generator badges or banners that point to the application on Android. The customer ‘ll find the source files to popular image format. There is a convenience for developers . However, it usually compared to Apple.

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