Proven Ideas For Increasing The Event App Usage Rate

Proven Ideas For Increasing The Event App Usage Rate“How do I get more people to download and use my event app?” is a legit question asked by many organizers. Installing an application takes minimal effort, however, the whole point is for attendees to actually use it.

After all, you haven’t spent time and money looking for a solution that will go ignored. So, how do you market your conference app to the participants? Well, there are some scenarios and ideas I’d like you to consider, so bear with me.

Getting users on board and engaged might pose a challenge. In order to maximize your chances of reaching this goal, you have to aim to make the app an integral part of the event program.

Still, that assumption in itself won’t be enough. There are two major facets of marketing a conference app I’d like to explore. They’re applicable for any niche and event type and leave a lot of room for creativity.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can make more attendees download and use the event app you’re offering.

Informational campaign

You can’t simply assume people will make a conscious effort to find out if there’s an app for your convention. Some may, but you have to take steps to increase the numbers. As with many commercial items these days, a promotional campaign of sorts is required to bring people on board.

Initial campaign

Informing attendees about the availability of an app in advance should be your primary focus. It’s tough to say how early you should start, however, it seems like there may not be “too soon”, while there’s definitely “too late” in this case.

As far as the channels go, it’s the usual suspects. Use the emails collected at registration to send autoresponders, post the information on the event website and social media, create an explainer video showcasing the app’s features, etc.

Followup campaign

Despite all your initial efforts, there still may be people attending the event not knowing about the app, or not completely sold on it. It’s never too late to download the app, so plan for the at-the-venue campaign ahead of the time.

At a minimum, have some sort of physical display ads placed at the reception and/or other strategic spots. If you’re not going completely paperless, include the information in the program or other items the attendees will surely use.

Irresistible features

We now come to the meat of marketing an event app. Providing enough information in advance and during the event is one thing, but the download decision will be made based on what the application actually offers.

Its features and usefulness will be the main dealmakers. Does the app provide any tangible value? Does it solve any problems? How does it enhance the experience? These are tough questions, however, properly addressing them can make a whole world of a difference in terms of how successful the event is.

What follows is a list of conference app features that should be appreciated and enjoyed by participants regardless of the industry. They’re practical and aim to solve real-life issues attendees may have.

  • All essential information regarding the event in one place. No need for printed programs, maps, lists of exhibitors and other items that can get easily lost.
  • A networking feature allowing for a seamless exchange of contact information.
  • Social media integration – checking in, sharing, connecting with people already at the venue – there are multiple ways you can go about this.
  • A discount code or a special offer available with the app.
  • Unlocking access to otherwise unavailable extras by using the app.
  • A gamifying feature employing augmented reality, point collection, rewards, etc.
  • You may also consider a feature that will render the app useful post-event. Say, you want to make lectures available on the website and provide access credentials via the app.

In conclusion

Now, to answer the opening question – if you wish to see more people download and use your event app, you have to take care of two major things.

First, you need to have a decent informational campaign in place, both before and during the event, and then you have to make sure your app actually delivers value.

Usefulness, problem-solving, coolness, novelty, excitement are all concepts you should play with and incorporate into your event app marketing strategy.

Wish you good luck. Hope you’ll see the user numbers rise!

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