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Organizing of  good conference is not a piece of cake! It can be really expensive and time consuming. Organizers have to engage many co-workers, colleagues, friends and of course sponsors! These last ones support mostly your event. And they are like coins they may share – they love to shine.

Give your sponsors this opportunity and monetize your conference. There are many chances to promote your sponsors via your mobile event application: splash pages, sponsored badges, promoted messages.

Notifications are one of the ways attendees like the most. Why not to take advantage of them?

Be on time

Push notifications are real-time announcements. Conference application allows to send them to event participants. This is the simplest way organizers may contact the whole community. This is the way sponsors can effectively use to inform about their companies and offers.

Push special deal

Who does not like promotions? Special deals, discounts – they are so tempting! You do not have to feel economy crisis to look for such occasions. We all want to get good value but for bargain price. We read information about special offers and are willing to leave everything to go shopping, dining or learning Duch or Japanese – if it is deal from good language school.

Click and get a discount

Now imagine you do not have to browse fliers postman leaves under your door. You do not have to spend hours searching online for reductions or nice conditions of group purchases. You may attend conference and receive information on your mobile device. Offer that may not interest everybody but aimed so accurately that it can intrigue a large part of your guests.

Look for it

Good map is the best guide. Use it to show your company during event. All exhibitors and sponsors may show their logos and main information about themselves. Attendees just need to click and get more detailed dates, promotions and ways to reach your mobile device and you. Then sponsors can push notifications and invite participants to visit.

Not only for you

Push notifications are also great for sponsors because their advertisements easily reach a wide audience. What is more – most probably really interested in your offer (but it all depends on the way event organizers choose sponsors). Their space is limited – they have only a few spots and they need to use them to attract their future clients. But it is not hard to stand out from the crowd thanks to conference application.

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