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In the era of the Internet information is everything. People need to know what’s going on. It’s no longer an option, it’s a must. Information needs to be acquired faster, it needs to be accurate and up to date. The same goes for your conference. As soon as it’s over, actually even during it you have to update your website and let people know what’s up 😉

But put yourself in the shoes of a person, that’s responsible for this updates. An employee needs to find time in his/hers schedule to put news of the conference onto the Web. If you ask every single one of them if they like it – my guess is that 90% would say “hell no!”.

They have to do their everyday, normal job and the updates in addition. Basically they’re working two jobs during and after the conference and most of the time they’re only paid for one 😉

I’ve seen it a thousand times. Imagine this situation: a very nice and competent secretary is working for a company named “X”. She has millions of tasks every week. This woman is answering the phone while making up a schedule for 3 other people and preparing some report at the same time. I think you’re catching my drift… Woman is busy.

Now imagine how she feels when her boss approaches her and says “we’re making a conference next week and you’ll need to update our website about the speakers, events and everything else surrounding it…”. I know I would be furious if I was her…

Now let’s focus on modern technology. For years and years human mastered new skills to make their life easier. First the fire, than the power of electricity, nuclear power etc. The same goes for software. We have apps made for every occasion. Let’s see…

When you get up in the morning, an application woke you up. Than when you use an electric toothbrush, it’s letting you know when the desired 2 minutes of brushing are up… You make your breakfast reading morning news on your smartphone/tablet/pc using some kind of application. When you go to work, you can use a GPS app to guide you to a specific place.

Event apps, conference apps, entertainment apps, education apps and so on… Everything made so that you don’t have to make stuff that machines can make for you. Now updating your website with the information about your conference can also be as easy as pressing a button on your smartphone…

How? That’s the easy part. You simply need to find a smart conference app. It doesn’t matter what type of phone you’re preferring because there’s an mobile conference application made for every one of the most popular phone operating systems. You can use an ios app for conferences, android app for conferences or ipad app for conferences and every one of them has the potential to update your website for you.

If you’re the boss, it’s possible you’ll think “why do I need that, I have people to update my website for me…” – and that’s true. But if you’re the busy one, the poor little ant that has to accomplish another task – you’ll be pretty excited for the opportunity to have that done for you.

So Mr. Boss – please remember that a secretary or administrative assistant may have some more important jobs to do, than keeping everyone posted on the ongoing conference. And you’ll be a beloved Mr. Boss if you give your employee an event app for conference that’ll make his or hers life soooo much easier…

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