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Mobile applications market is developing very dynamically. Recent studies have shown that users of smartphones and other mobile devices willingly use more new applications. Event mobile apps are already blooming.

So the firms develops them. The smartphones are becoming increasingly popular.

The leader among social networking sites is Facebook. They create mobile applications. Camera Facebook and Facebook Messenger are their flagship products. By using the first one, users can faster share their pictures – they are able to easily edit photos and tag people on them. The second one is helpful in sending messages via Facebook.

For a lot of web surfers social media are the fastest and most popular source of information. They blur the line between author and reader and not without reason it is said that they become a serious competitor to traditional media. Therefore is developing citizen journalism. Creating and publishing content in traditional media requires capital, knowledge and skills. So it is not accessible to all.

Social communicated information is faster. It is not controlled by the so-called “Group Holding Authority”. And reaching of the target group of customers is not really demanding. Ratings and opinions can raise the value of brand. It’s the case of mobile applications designed to smartphones, tablets and other devices.  There are millions of users every day.

Facebook Messenger, one of the most known social apps, combines many useful features. So there are messaging and notification system. Communication via this application is simple, quick and safe.

Currently in the testing phase is the other application, Page Manager. It can be used to manage the pages. The application will have such possibilities as publishing entries, reading notifications and viewing detailed statistics regarding page displays.

Not only Facebook creates apps using social media connections, but also conference mobile apps providers. It is a new way of engaging and attracting future customers. If the application will appeal to users, they will voluntarily contact with a brand next time.

Companies that aim at mass customer should be most interested  in mobile solutions.  Moreover, in times of the growing importance of mobile technology and social media the natural symbiosis of companies and app providers is really valuable.

In demands of a changing market, a lot of companies will make investment in mobile applications and social networking activities . Yes, they definitely will pay off operation in the future. Skillfully created program will help to achieve additional value to the customer and the company.

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