How social media change events

how social media change events

Facebook comments, Twitter updates, LinkedIn news and You Tube videos – they all strongly impact on an event or company’s popularity. It’s social media power. They can totally change opinions and reviews of an event: significantly increase its value or dramatically decrease it. That is why we should use social media carefully.

Many companies are still have to learn what works best for their company’s image, event organizing and their consumers and attendees. We believe you know how social media can influence your business. No matter whether you know it or not, take a moment to read a handful of significant information and tips.

Use them for free

  • Facebook -It is free and most popular way to communicate, also during conferences. All your posts on company wall are important – they may be commented, liked and shared. This is a simple way to get to lots of people – your future clients, your next event’s attendees – it all makes buzz.
  • LinkedIn -Does your event deal with business-to-business clients? LinkedIn is a good place for professional networking. Write about your schedule, speakers and exhibitors. Do not give up LinkedIn – the difference between all social platforms can be valuable.
  • Twitter -This medium is great for short, targeted connections (remember to create useful hashtags for the event). It also increases your conference’s rank in Internet searches. Do not forget about it.

What for?

Once participants connect with Facebook and LinkedIn, they can check all attendees sorted by who are most related based on a their Facebook and LinkedIn interests. They see what they have in common – schools, hometown, companies or interests. The feel more comfortable during your conference which is also good for you – they want to talk about the event that joined them.

Use it

Application makes your life easier. Although advanced algorithms are concerned, you will find it so easy to use. Conference app matches participants’ information that they shared on social networks and cross-reference it with the other attendees’ interests. The more social media people use, the easier it is to see good matches possible friends or business connections.

They may also create conference-specific filter. This will help them to find participants by company, job function, area or hobby – whatever they like. People may invite other attendee to chat privately or contact via LinkedIn.

They do not have to use your schedule only. They may create their own – this is the way new business connections can get stronger during informal meetings.

Your event is the best time to learn and share people’s knowledge. Easy sharing is important and your mobile conference application gives the chance to do it. Participants may share various files, including PDF and PPT formats (when you upload them they become available to everyone using the app).

It really works!

The Marketo Summit, which took place in April 2013 in San Francisco is one of the best example of this kind of social media application. Its attendees connected directly from their phones.

This conference counted: 800 joined attendees, more than 850 messages sent and LinedIn requests. Sponsors received about 3 000 page views and over 300 activities through the app. And most of all: attendees created over 500 000 social media impressions. It is something, isn’t it?

Your participants may miss face-to-face interaction but they will not give up social media connects.

Rely on social media!

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