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As the World develops, technology is changing every day, every minute, every second, every time. Time seems to accelerate as a runner who has just seen finish of his long marathon. Our team constantly follows new trends and all the changes to meet the needs of the society.

Last year  we heard about new iOS 7, which substituted IOS 6. Their new product is the biggest change to Apple's iOS since the arrival of apps in 2008 and it comes a complete redesign of the look and feel of the user interface.

We have  updated our conference application to coincide with the release of iOS 7.

Flat design

Flat User Interface Design is a minimalist aesthetic principle or design language currently used in various graphical user interfaces. This is a trend that favors simplified forms, pure colors and discards effects of gradient or shadow. We used flat design in the newest version of our mobile application.


Next change, which is worth mentioning, was changing fonts used in our mobile event application. Substitution regular font to light gave effect of clarity. Moreover, reducing of a font bold to regular was perfect solution and it improved the quality of using our product.

Spectacular effect of changes in the Meeting Application : iOS 6 : News_01 Spectacular effect of changes in the Meeting Application : iOS 7 : News_01

New appearance of the top of a cell

Previous version of conference application didn’t limit place for the news source. Names were long and their size was many a time too  big to fit into predicted one line of a text. In the updated version of the mobile application we used special limit -  no more than one line of a text can be used in the name of an event. Generally, our product profits significantly after that change.

Flow of the reading

Icons of facebook, youtube, twitter that were used by the event application were moved to the right side as a counterweight to the color bar on the left. Thanks to this, text is now in one line and  the flow reading is better.

Spectacular effect of changes in the Meeting Application : iOS 6 : News_02  Spectacular effect of changes in the Meeting Application : iOS 6 : News_02

Similarity and uniformity

People usually don’t like changes. We get used to specific, similar patterns and the newness are criticized or discarded. What do you think about new look of the facebook? To follow trends, we added gesture of ejection of channel selection similar to the transition to the main navigation in our event application. What’s more, we unified the look of the check boxes in channels choosing.

The conclusion is that all introduced changes let us achieve:

  1. Modern look
  2. Functionality
  3. Compatibility with current trends

And we have extremely developed!

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