Let your sponsors interact

They do not want to be known. They want to get to know as well. Make new friends and talk. This all may lead to new valuable business contact. This is why sponsors want to be active during your conference. Without sponsors’ dollars your event would be questionable.

It is one of the most important organizers’ duty to make sponsors happy. They are in the second plan but it may be good and interesting when we let them shine bright.

Make it able to them to contact attendees if they want as well. Like you, they need to feel understood by attendees and understand them as well.

Untypical ad

Why not to make a step further and provide more than just a typical advertisement? Give sponsors an opportunity to communicate with people using your mobile application. Attendees will receive significant messages from them. They will be relevant and well targeted so you avoid making participants bored or annoyed.

Knowing exact aim

Sponsors must be specific. This will help to focus on whatever they want to tell conference participants: company history or new product that needs advertisement. This will also increase sponsors engagement and let them choose the way to contact attendees.

In the beginning

Send out an alert to your future attendees just before conference and encourage them to contact and get to know sponsors better. You may value these participants who really contact in virtual world before meeting them eye to eye.

Post you may promote

Pin your most important news to the top of activity feed in conference application. Promote it so people can see you clearly and your activity effective.

For those who want to know

Conversation between attendees and sponsors are even more important than logo that may be shown every once per hour. SMS alerts are crucial for this mission. But this is not for everybody. Sponsors do not have to share all information with all attendees. Thanks to conference application they may provide added, special news or showcases for these people who are really interested.

To encourage

Sponsors need to encourage attendees to interact with their brand. Customized digital badges can help. These are images used within the event application that people may use to read about company news or attend product demonstration. It helps sponsors to reach beyond the conference.

In social media

Sponsors need to be sensitive and have their eyes wide open because part of crucial information, opinions showed up in social media. They may use the same way to attract event attendees – future clients. Follow Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and act when you come across opinions, react if people are not satisfied, ask what they want to know. Be for them.

Give them a chance to talk to the participants a bit longer – both sides may need it. Business grows not only during conferences but also after they finish. Some of these conversations may lead to business deals – it is worth trying them.


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