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They give you the money, you give them advertisement back. They give you support, you give them applause. Conference sponsors show their companies value by sponsoring your event – do not disappoint them! Their company means to them so much! And it should mean much for you!


Event sponsorship is not a pice of cake – Let your event or your conference sponsors shine

You found people who want to support you in your event. You gave them a reason to help your organization. Your conference can take place thanks to them. They did their best offering money, place where you can hold your meeting or specialists who helped you.

These people became your sponsors. It may seem they do not want anything in exchange. But look at them wisely – They gave you thousands of dollars, their wisdom and experience. You may give them something big: exposure. They like the opportunity to market their goods. Oh yes, they do want to be seen and heard. And it is their right to do.

Respect tradition but give more

You do not know where to start? Put their logos on all banners and event guides – this is safe and traditional way. Do you want to prepare conference promotions or media spots? Remember that your sponsors are worth mentioning. But be modern, be mobile and give them something more, something meaningful and worth remembering. Using mobile conference application gives you the best chance to shine the spotlight on your sponsors. They will like it for sure.

What to emphasize?

They may either promote their product or their whole company – it is good to talk and decide what is better, more valuable for them before event starts. Their expectations will be helpful – you will give them what they want. Event app brings so many opportunities.

Sponsors stay individual

Firstly all your sponsors may feel special as you can show their logos separately – forget about small notice in paper catalogue – somewhere between other sponsors. They all want to stay individual. The other thing is that participants can really see them when graphic marks are displayed prominently. This is the way you give your helpers a platform to reach out to the attendees – your audience and their future clients.

do tresci sponsorsImportant landing page

You want your sponsors to be seen every time your attendees use your conference application? Show them on your landing page – one of them or all – rotating. It is prominent placement and they should be more than happy. Also there are sponsors that will pay good money for such a competitive chance to been seen first.

Link – easy way open

Logo or brand name is not enough. If you want your participants to get to know the sponsors better you should show them the way to their websites. Their homepages will tell them more about your main guests.

Starting real show… cases

There are people who want to get information in a nutshell. Interesting showcases may present most important sponsor business, company philosophy or information about their products.

Notifications? They will notice!

Also notifications are good way for sponsors to promote important messages about them. They inform in real time about their exhibition or promotion they want to offer if you visit them or just get special code.

👉 Keep sponsors happy, let them show – off even and you will be able to ask for their support again soon

👉 Getting an event app doesn’t have to be a cost at all. It can and is a benefit that adds tremendous value to your event. First, by providing your guests with a useful tool and second, by giving your sponsors a much better exposure. How to make your sponsors pay for your event app? Learn more here 

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