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Why 3C? And what all these Cs means? It really couldn’t be just a few accidentally chosen words from English language dictionary, as it’s the topic of this post. While you mix them in one, they become one great success factor. The rule seems to be real in every part of human existence, inventions, technology, mobile apps world.

Just imagine a group of very creative specialist: a teacher, a singer, an architect, a plumber, inventing one product. Extremely difficult...their professions are completely divergent.

Or uncooperative and uncreative trio: programmer, graphic designer and copywriter. They will not succeed in any website. 3C are a reason of great success!

Mobile application

Look at the list of features of Meeting Application!They are all connected what is main cause of event app success. If the features were separable, they would probably mean nothing. Do you need the agenda without the speakers? In that case, you would have to find the name of the event, remember it and then search the hour of chosen event. The problems appear when 2 or more events begin at the same time...So we've discussed conjunction and cooperation. Why creativity? Just add a few surprising features as quizzes, networking, questions to the lecture and many many more different creative ideas...mobile app users will love it! They will never be bored and your mobile application will spread really quickly into the world.

At work

Imagine that you are serious business person and you have to organize a big conference for 3000 persons. For sure you will not do it only by yourself. The separation of the duties is necessary. Searching for the hotel, food, conference centre, speakers...all these tasks can’t be done by a single person!  A big cooperative group of must be engaged to meet the needs of participants and to achieve success.As you are a progressive organizer, you should think what to do to encourage attendees to cooperate, interact or give them some entertainment. Mobile event apps will be really irreplaceable! They have some creative features that provide entertainment and causes interaction.

In the relationship

It may be not so easy nowadays, but think about happy, big family living in a harmony who has to clean the house before the Christmas. Task are like washing the windows, tidying the dining room, the kitchen and many many more...If each member of the family will do her/his own task, they will save huge amount of time and energy. If they add an element of the creativity, their work can be a pleasure for them!Not a single person has organized a trip to the group of friends. The more you cooperate, the easier it can be. One of you can reserve the hostel, another one the transport or buy groceries, arrange visiting of the museum. The group need a guide, which is the task for somebody different – a leader who will coordinate tasks of the the team. Creative thinking can lead to reserving cheap flights, limiting the luggage to the minimum, meetings with CouchSurfing users who are best guides in new foreign city.Now we all see what's great importance of 3 C-beginning words. If mixed, they lead to great success,  make life easier, let people build trust and strengthen the relationship. Mobile apps are helpful in searching creative solutions and in learning cooperation as well.
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