Let your sponsors interact

They do not want to be known. They want to get to know as well. Make new friends and talk. This all may lead to new valuable business contact. This is why sponsors want to be active during your conference. Without sponsors’ dollars your event would be questionable.

Why you should build event landing pages?

Landing page – what’s the point of making one when it comes to a conference? I was thinking about it the other day and I figured out that the main purpose of a landing page is to get people to sing up. This way you can easily build a database of your conference attendees. That’s very important when it comes to making an open conference.

Update your website effortlessly

In the era of the Internet information is everything. People need to know what’s going on. It’s no longer an option, it’s a must. Information needs to be acquired faster, it needs to be accurate and up to date. The same goes for your conference. As soon as it’s over, actually even during it you have to update your website and let people know what’s up 😉

Promotion of mobile apps

Mobile application gives each user access to the latest information. Meeting Application is useful in promoting events. The application provides constant contact with users through the modules such as: news, agenda, speakers, maps, plans and many more.

Update news,endear your community

How can your attendees know what to do, what to expect next on your conference and get the most of your event? When and where the nearest session is? Who will be next prelegent? How they can find proper room? The list of possible questions is really long. But best solution is simple: they need to be up to date.

Modern&innovative:that’s the apps

Taking a closer look at whole phenomenon of technological advances, many people will probably wonder whether it is necessary to create mobile application…or is a website enough. However, the statistics speak for themselves, more and more people use the Internet, from mobile devices.

9 advantages of conference and event apps

You already know how to make your event mobile. Now read about certain elements you can show your participants via application. They will be grateful for all that will make their participation in your conference more intuitive and interesting. Mobile conference apps can make wonders!

Make the best of time in the app!

As a conscientious event organiser you would probably want to make sure that you do not waste any minute of the precious time you have assigned to your event. You may go out of your way and produce countless papers, leaflets, folders, catalogs and brochures and so on…

Award with the PUSH notifications

As organizers of various types of events or conferences you certainly know how important it is to reward the participants and the audience. Thus, the question remains how to inform them about the winning during your event. How make it most effectively? Use of the phone and an application that supports push notifications seems to be great idea!

How promote app in social media

Ahhh the powerful social media. If modern humans wrote their own mythology, there would be a god of social media and I think that he definitely would be more mighty than Zeus himself… If you prefer the Christian approach – you might say that “on the seventh day God made Facebook/Twitter/Google+/… – and then he rested”…

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