How to increase brand awareness with Meeting Application

Don’t you enjoy all that buzz that your social media posts generate? In social media, you can boast about your successes, and share photos and your thoughts. Nowadays, your company relies on its reputation even more: what is a better way of gaining fame than by increasing the number of followers and connections on your social media channels? You can serve them effectively with one tool!

5 best public relations tools

The creation of a good relationship with customers and a positive image of your company is a continuous and sometimes a long process. Without good PR, it is very difficult to draw the attention of the target audience. Once you get it, you need tools that will keep it at the highest level, and this level should be permanently monitored.

How to promote events: new ways

Each organizer planning an event should take into account and get to know the best methods of promotion. The success and popularity of an event among the potential participants depend on the choice of methods, tools and media. Choose wisely! Read and check out the latest and best methods!

3 habits of best event managers

Event organization is a challenge for any event manager. There are different projects, different circumstances, and deadlines to consider. To cope with these challenges, the person responsible for organizing events must have the appropriate knowledge and skills required. Today, we write about the three habits things, that we believe they should have in the habit. Of course, these three aspects of event management are not everything. Experienced and involved managers will develop a wide spectrum of organizational skills to become an authority figure for event attendees. Not only observing, reacting, and using conference supporting tools, but also a willingness to be perfect, above all, plays a huge role in this process of development. 1. Observe the audience and… react ! […]

Event organizing for not so dummies

In the era when most business is done online, in a remote manner, new elements of successful event or conference management gain importance. Neither the suit and  well-fittinng tie, nor countless leaflets, papers, flipcharts and hand-outs matter in supporting the meeting organization. Would you like to achieve great event success? Thanks to modern technology and event-tech it’s a lot easier. Learn why event app could be your best shot! Maybe the technologies and tools that are really useful and completely new can be a challenge now, but once you master the logic of it, you will be delighted at the simplicity and versatility of the innovations you now have at your disposal.  Mobile event applications come in handy not only when […]

Let your sponsors interact

They do not want to be known. They want to get to know as well. Make new friends and talk. This all may lead to new valuable business contact. This is why sponsors want to be active during your conference. Without sponsors’ dollars your event would be questionable.

Social media apps – make a buzz!

Mobile applications market is developing very dynamically. Recent studies have shown that users of smartphones and other mobile devices willingly use more new applications. Event mobile apps are already blooming. So the firms develops them. The smartphones are becoming increasingly popular. The leader among social networking sites is Facebook. They create mobile applications. Camera Facebook and Facebook Messenger are their flagship products. By using the first one, users can faster share their pictures – they are able to easily edit photos and tag people on them. The second one is helpful in sending messages via Facebook. For a lot of web surfers social media are the fastest and most popular source of information. They blur the line between author and reader […]

Why should you support Networking

When looking for a new job, you collect information on postgraduate studies of new co-worker who interest you. Very often you are looking for information among those surrounding you. In most cases, you will get a lot of them, sometimes even more than you might think.

How social media change events

Facebook comments, Twitter updates, LinkedIn news and You Tube videos – they all strongly impact on an event or company’s popularity. It’s social media power. They can totally change opinions and reviews of an event: significantly increase its value or dramatically decrease it. That is why we should use social media carefully. Many companies are still have to learn what works best for their company’s image, event organizing and their consumers and attendees. We believe you know how social media can influence your business. No matter whether you know it or not, take a moment to read a handful of significant information and tips. Use them for free Facebook -It is free and most popular way to communicate, also during […]

9 advantages of conference and event apps

You already know how to make your event mobile. Now read about certain elements you can show your participants via application. They will be grateful for all that will make their participation in your conference more intuitive and interesting. Mobile conference apps can make wonders!

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