4 apps to learn foreign language

The market of mobile solutions is large and complex. There are countless applications designed to run on smartphones. They have different functionalities and features: to game, to network, to organize event, to plan a day and many more…With certain apps, English language studying can be a peace of cake!

The mobile user can learn through games, videos, quizzes and podcasts and is able to improve knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. The application guarantees better preparation for English language exams.

Process of learning can take place anywhere: at home, bus, work, during the travel…

The Apple App StoreĀ  offers many applications of this type . One of them is the course named eTutor. After being downloaded, it does not require the web connection. Unfortunately, eTutor for Android devices works when connected to the Internet. The application is able to perform the repetitions . Users can also listen to recordings of lessons.

To use the mobile application named Diki – dictionary for Android and iOS, it is necessary to have an Internet connection. Users can record voices ( speech coach) or take part in dialogues.

MyWordBook science vocabulary is very simple! It is well known and interactive glossary designed for learners of English. They will find there a set of the most useful words in English imported from dictionaries Cambridge University Press. In addition, users are able to download sets of flashcards tailored to his interests and language level.

The Premier Skills is an application which is created in partnership with the Premier League. User can improve vocabulary related to football and is able to add notes, translations and images.

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