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As a conscientious event organiser you would probably want to make sure that you do not waste any minute of the precious time you have assigned to your event. You may go out of your way and produce countless papers, leaflets, folders, catalogs and brochures and so on…

But somewhere at the back of your mind the thought might appear that you’re not really making the most of it. Paper materials are useful, of course, in that it is worth relying on visual cues to attract the participants’ attention, but since we have at our disposal some more modern technologies, why not use them to your advantage?

Mobile conference applications offer you as the organizer a chance to keep tabs on what exactly your participants receive and how the information is fed. Instead of handing out leaflets or brochures that have a chance of ending up in a waste bin, you may want to use event applications that will offer a content that is better tailored to your guests’ needs.

Event apps will help you make sure that you really supply the participants with the information they would like to obtain and possibly some extra details you may want to smuggle – all of it provided in a user-friendly, palatable way. This way you can actually spend more time with your guests, involving them more actively in the event itself.

A well-constructed mobile application will let you provide all the necessary information to your guests in the way that will neither bore them nor overfeed them with details. What is more, you have at your disposal all the graphic technologies and solutions to make the content interactive and aesthetic.

Interactive components inherent in mobile conference apps account for the fact that your guests will be able to select the content they are more interested in, thus skipping some details that may be superfluous. Therefore, it is you as the organiser who supplies all the information you want to contain, but it is the participant who actually decides how much and when they want to see.

This voluntary aspect makes all the stakeholders more positively disposed towards the event, even before it actually begins. You do not waste your guests’ time by flooding them with paper folders – instead, you can treat each participant individually by letting him or her choose which way they want to follow with you.

Preparing a few versions of a paper cataloge would be time consuming and unnecessarily expensive, but introducing modifications in an event networking tool will not be a problem, whereas the advantages will be almost immediate. Rather than preparing an offer for an average participant (who, by the way, does not exist, as all the market research proves), you can prepare or order such modifications to your special event application, to suit the broadest possible group of clients.

Apart from this, you can also ensure that the participants of the meeting will stay with you after the event is over. Any paper materials are bound to get lost or intentionally disposed of, but a good conference app will make the participants continue browsing the web for more details and follow-ups.

Summing up, the only challenge for you will be to get your guests’ attention at the very beginning, for as we know, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Once you get them interested, a well-designed event application will probably work for you as the time passes, because such apps have a curious ability to involve their users in fascinating interactions.

Make the most of the time without having to work overtime and spare yourself the frustration related to the preparation of materials that will just go unnoticed. Let the technology work for you.

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