Top Event Marketing Strategies For Increased Engagement

Top Event Marketing Strategies For Increased Engagement

Unless it’s some sort of a secret gathering, you probably want as many people to attend your event as possible. At the same time, you’d like to see them responsive and engaged, instead of just mindlessly wandering around the venue. There are certain steps you can take to boost the attendance and get people engrossed in your show. Here are top event marketing strategies for increased engagement.

You may spend months planning and preparing your conference and deliberately keeping things under wraps. A time comes, however, when you’ll have to let people know about the amazing things you’re holding in store for them.

A conference has to be advertised just as any product on the market. Great event marketing plan should aim for the maximization of reach within the target sector and introducing some added value stemming from taking part in the meeting.

That said, here’s a bunch of actionable tactics any organizer can employ. Some of the ideas are broader than others and are meant to push you in a certain direction. I’ve put them in a quasi-chronological order corresponding to an event lifecycle to a certain degree.

Use a mobile app

An event app can serve a multitude of purposes. Most people will probably associate it with various automated interactions at the venue, but if designed appropriately and downloaded in advance, it can also be used by organizers for attendee onboarding.

Think of it as of a conference website, but with a more personal touch and with updates brought directly to the user’s phone. An app will keep the future visitor informed about all things event and serve as a quick reference point even before the show starts.

Email marketing

Email may be a bit overlooked when it comes to event promotion ideas, however, it still is a powerful tool, as evidenced by various campaign markers boasted by the service providers.

This marketing tactic may work especially well for up and coming events that haven’t made many waves yet. A well-targeted email campaign can be used to raise awareness of the event, boost registrations, send promo codes and other perks redeemable at the venue, etc. An experienced email marketing partner will help you with content design, targeting, and all the technical aspects of a campaign.

Working with influencers

Influencers can play an important role in your event promotion efforts, acting as gateways helping you to reach people outside of your usual core audience. There isn’t a single best way to approach them, mostly because they’re all individual people who will differ in their views and expectations.

For instance, fitness youtubers will announce expos and in-store events their followers will be able to catch them at. Obviously, their presence will attract more visitors to whatever event they’ll attend. In order to make the most out of the relation, consider a social media takeover, where you’ll grant them access to your channels during the show.

Facebook / Instagram live streams

And speaking of social media, have you considered engaging with people interested in your event, who haven’t been able to attend in person? Facebook or Instagram live streams are a great way to report what’s going on in the fairground.

People love tuning in in these media-saturated days. Fear of missing out (FOMO) is real! Also, just look at the current state of vlogging and how popular it is. This format is almost like a new, real-life TV series. Don’t miss the opportunity to boost the virtual attendance.

Interactive entertainment

Did somebody say ‘virtual’? As in virtual reality? The latest in commerciable, future techs like VR and AR can be great additions to almost any event. This is where you can create the previously mentioned added value.

The reality-bending technologies will get people excited and create an opportunity for user-generated content in social media. This is like another layer of experience at the event. It’s magic that’s actually real, which doubles the excitement.

Follow up

When thinking how to market an event, you can’t neglect a proper wrapup. You can have an act arranged for the final day of the show, or take a day or two and engage with the attendees via digital means.

Consider sending a post-event email survey, develop content like a video or a blog post recap, make some of the conference stuff available, say 1-2 speeches, on your website, browse and process the content accompanied by the event hashtag. Do this with the purpose of promoting the next edition of the show.

Final word

Successful promotion of an event is about getting people on board ahead of the time, keeping them engaged at the event, and following up once it’s over.

There are multiple channels and means for you to explore to achieve this. You can and you should diversify your event marketing strategies for the best results. If the conference turned out to be great, you’ll get a further boost in its attendees doing that priceless word of mouth marketing for you.

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