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Being a successful event organiser means you have to be a bit of an artist in that you will have to come up with original solutions and elements that intrigue and draw attention.

On the other hand, you have to be a businessperson as well – having to find the right balance between the general and the detail, between the elaborate and the concise.

Sooner or later you will be faced with the necessity to limit the agenda of your event due to time limitations. This is when you start to appreciate mobile event apps that enable you to achieve two or more objectives at one go. Combining a few goals or functions in a well-designed conference app will be a feature most valued when working under time pressure.

As you already know, event apps enable you to involve the participants in an interactive dialogue and get them interested in the subject matter of the event itself.
If you choose the conference app that will immediately generate the landing page of the conference, you will save the time necessary to introduce the subject matter and you will get straight to the point, which will definitely be appreciated by your guests.

And not only that, since there is a chance that using the mobile networking tool also other users, not necessarily the participants of your event, will learn about the conference you are organising. As you can see, this simple way ensures that the information you are trying to share will immediately find a wide circle of recipients, without any additional effort on your part.

The more you manage to squeeze in one event app, the more you will get out of it, in term of user involvement, conversion, number of downloads and positive feedback afterwards. It is worth remembering, that conference networking tools have been designed basically in order to save time and facilitate information sharing in the time when most of the events are either organised online or have their online version. The sooner you get your participants to see the landing page of your conference, the better. And since ordinary mailing messages no longer have the carrying capacity they used to have, event organisers have to come up with something far more surprising, effective and mind-catching than this.

Multifunctional mobile applications offer a range of solutions that will help you achieve this purpose, without necessarily ruining the artistic aspect of your event.

Apart from routing your guests directly to the landing page of the conference, a smart conference app will also smuggle some information about organisers and sponsors, so that it’s not actually two-in-one, but a lot more if you think about it.
On the other hand, you have to go easy on the advertisements, unless you want your conference to be associated with a trade fair.

But as an app event organiser you will definitely know the right balance in the wide range of solutions offered by the best event apps.

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