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How can your attendees know what to do, what to expect next on your conference and get the most of your event? When and where the nearest session is? Who will be next prelegent? How they can find proper room? The list of possible questions is really long. But best solution is simple: they need to be up to date.

Are you the one who organizes the conference? So it is your duty. Data updates are a crucial element for conference apps.

Do not be afraid, with your conference application you can update all information even under the most adverse Wi-Fi conditions. Use it and make your speakers and participants happy.

Presence and satisfaction growth

The more information and actualizations you deliver, the more people will possible join your event. It is not the only advantage. Also the more likely they will be pleased about the whole experience. Use the application to communicate significant event info such as the agenda, pricing, accommodation and contact information. It will help people plan their participation in the conference.

Last minute

Last minute is superb if it concerns your holiday plans in Egypt or Mexico. If it is about schedule changes of your well prepared conference, is not always good. But with great event application you have nothing to be scared of.

Being honest, the more speakers or sessions you plan, the more likely last-minute changes will happen. A mobile conference app makes sure you are always on top of things. Even more: you are always one step ahead! You can send out information really fast to a lot of attendees via push announcements within the app.

Breaking news and reports

Not always everything collapses. You may also have great, breaking news that are to be told. Provide your attendees press releases, presentation updates, current information about speeches. Stay up to date with conference analytics, especially polls and voting results.

To make people happy

You want your participants be informed. You want them to be satisfied and come back on your next event. You also want to build your brand and work for your company’s good name. Imagine you have to cancel speeches, delay them or change the room – it will happen. Your participants may feel lost and ignored. Imagine how angry and disappointed they could be if they were not warned…

Do not forget: you are the one in control of the content at all times. Conference application works for you: people can always be in the know. You can take advantage of conference app’s skills in database management to ensure an easy and smooth content import.

How does it work?

Agile Australia 2013 (Australia’s premier event on Agile Software Development) is the best example that the ability of making last minute changes can be important. The event started but first plans had to be different. Beautiful evening weather turned into awful one next morning. The company could not have organized an outdoor social event with delegates…

But they had to be informed. How? Using conference application. Organizer posted a notice and made last minute adjustments with very little effort. Delegates were informed that the event was canceled. Thanks to it they did not get soaked wet and did not lose their time.

Read our client Raindance film festival success story to get more beef about event app use case.

Raindance film festival success story with Meeting Application

Success Story

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