If you want to successfully promote your mobile app through social media, deep linking is definitely something you should implement.

It makes promoting your in-app content easier than ever, it is more engaging for your audience and helps to retain users.

And after all, it is not so hard to implement.

Although it’s called ‘linking’, it’s not a URL you may know from HTML. In mobile app development, deep linking does not depend on any universal language and may be specific for iOS or Android development.



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5 Ways To Use Deep Linking For Better Mobile Marketing

So if you’re wondering how to use it to get the best results in your upcoming campaigns, I have five examples of successful brands to inspire you.

1. Get more installs for your app

Promoting your application via social media you can:
  • Use a landing page with links to your app in App Store and Google Play;
  • Create separate ads with links to App Store or Google Play;
Or: Simple, isn’t it?Remember that the faster the action is and the less obstacles user will have to pass on his way to complete the action, the better for your user acquisition rate.

2. Engage users sending them specific content

You can send targeted push notifications to your audience with deep links implemented in them, so you can send users back to the specific content in your app.It will increase your app’s engagement and retention, as you’re sending personalized messages with the content you can make sure your audience will like.

3. Sell your product via mobile apps

If your e-commerce business has a native app, you can use deep linking to better promote and sell products through this channel.Just as with the example with push notifications, you can create a campaign sending people to the product page within your app and driving more sales.

4. Enhance deferred deep linking

What if I told you that you can use an ad to promote your app to the user who has never before installed your app, make him to do so and then send him directly to the product he initially found via Google?That’s exactly what Etsy is doing with deferred deep linking. Once again, you can make the path to purchase easier and more engaging than with simple ad.

5. Keep an eye on your marketing campaign with contextual deep links

Not sure whether you should use traditional or deferred deep link? Contextual deep link has all what you need. It may be used as both traditional and deferred link, and also store information about the user and his actions.Using contextual deep links you can track where the user is coming from, who originally posted or shared a link, where the user wants to go in an app or what is the discount for him from the campaign he has just clicked.


As you can see, deep linking is a powerful way to better promote your app, drive new installs and downloads, create desired actions and - on top of that - track the performance of your campaign.About the author:Paweł Hałabuda is an Inbound Marketer at Whalla Labs (@WhallaLabs), mobile development company creating stunning mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and wearables. When he’s not writing, Paweł is an avid reader and a bad guitar player.
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