Using AR, VR, and AI to Enhance Your Event

How to use AR, VR, and AI to boost your event Meeting Application

Augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence are technologies many people will mostly associate with entertainment. This isn’t necessarily incorrect, however, the tech also has many practical, business applications. Various types of events these days have created a perfect platform for some experiential marketing. AR, VR, and AI seem to be the perfect fit with this strategy. Buckle up as we take a look at examples of the new tech usage at events.

The future is now!

We’re no longer in the realm of science fiction when it comes to reality-related gadgets. This latest tech is all about human involvement, so any event is an excellent ground for testing it.

The goal of this post is to get you inspired and show you how you can boost your conference with something out of the ordinary. Discussing the details of how to arrange all this if you’re an event organizer may be a topic for another time.

For the time being, I’d like you to remember that a successful event is the one which gets participants excited and allows them to experience something profound. Experiential technology such as AR or VR is an amazing way to achieve that.

Amazing sponsorship opportunities

Let’s be real, attracting sponsors is a tough task. As an event planner, you can get them interested by providing opportunities for promotion involving new technologies such as the ones mentioned in this post.

From the sponsor’s viewpoint, this is an excellent way to stand out and be remembered through deep engagement with the event visitor. For the attendee, the presence of AR, VR, or AI almost turns participation in the event into a game.

This new tech creates limitless opportunities for promoting yourself. Pretty much any partner who’ll decide to go for it will instantly become a trailblazer in his niche or industry.

On top of that, providing a reality-bending experience creates content for show organizer and the exhibitor/sponsor alike to show to their respective audiences – photos, videos, text, and other media showcasing people’s involvement in the presentation.

Augmented reality

AR is a mix of computer-generated imagery and real life. It’s the real world enhanced. This technology blurs the lines between reality and fantasy and might work especially well at certain kind of events such as comic cons.

Watch the videos below to see sample uses of augmented reality at events:





Virtual reality

VR is a digitally reproduced lifelike environment or situation. The technology is fully immersive and uses headsets to achieve the effect. At the minimum, you need to be simulating vision and sound to call something virtual reality.

Here’s a bunch of videos showing actual applications of VR:




Artificial intelligence

AI is intelligence residing in and displayed by machines, as opposed to natural intelligence in humans and other animals. Although a true AI has not been developed yet, and may in fact not be possible at all, some pretty advanced and intriguing forms of it have already arrived.

This has been an extremely complicated subject, the proper discussion of which exceeds the scope of this post and perhaps my expertise as well. In short, though, the basis for artificial intelligence is machine learning.

All the applications of it are difficult to predict even for experts. That said, if you’d like to learn more on the topic, I suggest you watch these videos:



and third last but not least, the great 44 minutes long keynote about A.I

Final word

If you’re new to the ideas discussed in this post, it may be quite a bite to chew on. Take your time to consider how you can implement latest technology into your event marketing efforts.

The key takeaway points related to the use of augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence during conferences and meetings are:

– creating memorable experience for attendees

– visitor engagement

– novelty and excitement

The trend is going to be growing stronger with future events, as these technologies steadily seep into our lives. Using pioneering tech is a chance for event managers and sponsors to add great value, as well as create buzz and virality.

How do you think you can hop on this train? How much contact have you had with these technologies so far? Let us know in the comments.

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