Mobile “Question to the speaker”

Nobody likes boring conferences. But a boring one that gives you nothing or not much is even worst. I have already described some ways to get your attendees involved in the conference. If they are involved, it’s only natural that they’d like to ask the speaker some questions during or after his presentation.

The conclusion is simple:  Question to the speaker option is an absolute MUST HAVE in your mobile conference application. Without it you can be sure, that your event will not be as valuable for all of its participants as it should be.

And you, successful event organizer, wants to make everything to make your attendees glad.

You can look at it from two perspectives… First one is the perspective of a speaker. Every speaker loves to have some feedback. When we make any presentation, we simply need to know if the crowd listened and became interested in the subject. And what better way than to let them ask you about what you’ve just been talking about? A speaker can utilize this option at the end of his presentation or during it.

I think that giving the attendees a possibility to ask question to the speaker periodically, for example after every new portion of information is very good for the presentation. It assures the speaker that his audience understood the subject and are ready for more… Having a smart conference app isn’t everything, you also have to use it smartly ;))

It’s very important to give your listeners some time to process the described topic and to formulate their own conclusions and questions. Some of the greatest ideas in the history of mankind was born from a dispute. Don’t be afraid to use your conference app as a platform that enables all of your attendees to exchange their ideas and opinions on the subject. You may be surprised how much YOU can learn. Even if you’re an expert on the subject…

Second perspective is the perspective of a listener. When you take part in a conference, it’s not because somebody forced you to, it’s because you want to get something out of it… That’s why sometimes you’ll need to ask the speaker about something you don’t understand or you disagree with. Lucky for us, we live in the XXI century and we have some conference networking tools to help us with that.

But please… Pretty please. If you want to ask a question – do it right. Otherwise you’ll just annoy the hell out of the speaker and your fellow listeners. First of all, before you ask a question – listen! Make notes and go over them if you need to. There is nothing more annoying than a question that’s already been answered.

So listen and read other people questions. Maybe somebody had the same problem you have. If you are sure that your question is original, make it as short and direct as possible. Don’t expect the speaker or anybody else for that matter to just read your mind. If your question is too complicated to be understood – it will not be understood 😉

We make more and more amazing mobile conference applications for one purpose. We want to allow people to participate in a normal, functional conference without leaving their homes. The feature of asking the speaker a question makes an already unique conference app even more amazing. Use it to your advantage every time you take part in any kind of conference. This way you’ll squeeze every ounce of information out of the speaker. You’ll pick his brain and figure out exactly what is the subject all about.

And if you’re a speaker – give your audience a ticket into your mind. Don’t be scared. Of course sometimes people will disagree with you. Sometimes you’ll have to defend your position. But isn’t it what a good conference is all about? Intelligent people trying to get a wider perspective on some subject ? Think about it. Pick an event application and always keep an open mind.

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