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Ahhh the powerful social media. If modern humans wrote their own mythology, there would be a god of social media and I think that he definitely would be more mighty than Zeus himself… If you prefer the Christian approach – you might say that “on the seventh day God made Facebook/Twitter/Google+/… – and then he rested”…

Nowadays everything is being promoted via social media. From your toothpaste to your dentist 😉 But not only possibilities are growing, so are also the challenges. It’s not enough to produce the best conference application or mobile event application. You also have to know how to promote your product.

The same goes for your conference, symposium or other event. If it’s not well promoted – it won’t be a great success.

Does it matter that you had had the best speakers, most up to date topics and wonderful location if five or ten people attended your conference planned for 300?

The answer is no! So your first move is to pray to the god of social media for his blessing. But in this days running a successful social media promotion can be very tricky if not overwhelming. That’s mostly because of the amount of social media pages available for users. The challenge is that each social channel has its own focus. Every social website has its own group of “groupies”.

I’ve dug up some data compiled by the Pew Research Center’s social media survey (1.802 subjects). For example according to PRC Facebook is used by 67% of Internet users, and the website is especially appealing to women and generally adults ages between 18 – 29.

For comparison Twitter is used only by 16% of Internet users, and most of them are African-Americans, urban residents and also adults ages 18 – 29. Every social media channel is inclined toward some group of people.

The key is to know which channel appeals to which group and then utilize possibilities given by the unique conference app, that allows you to use this channel to your advantage and promote your event most effectively. If you’re smart and equipped in a smart conference app, you’ll manage to get the attention of exactly the right people for your event.

You shouldn’t constrain to just one of the many social media channels. Use every available conference networking tool to get as social as possible… That’s the advantage of having a good event application – you don’t have to work very hard to be social, because your application gives you that option almost instantly…

The best part is – there’s thousand of ways in which you can promote your event on social media.

  • First you may create a video promoting “your thing”. It should be a stellar video with great visuals and good sound. If it’s good enough, it will not only get people to attend but it will also get them to share the video with their friends. Remember to focus on the things you bring to the table for your attendees. Show them why it’s so good for them to attend and they will naturally want to bring their friends along for the ride…
  • Then it’s good to create some buzz around the social world. If you have some amazing speaker or some celebrity attending your event – let everybody know about it.
  • Another way to get some attention is to create some kind of competition or contest. We love to try our luck in hope to win something cool for free, am I right ?
  • You can also make some “behind the scenes” video or put some other exclusive information on the social media sites. This way users will feel privileged to be part of the closed circle that knows a little more than the others…
  • You can create some customized Tweets for the attendees, create some widgets, create an event on Facebook and direct traffic to it via other social sites.

Possibilities are endless…You just need to use your brain, get creative and the results will come. I also strongly suggest usage of a good event management application which will make it all easier and more fun.


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