What to do in time before event?

You’d think organizing a meeting or an event is about keeping people on their toes all the time. Still, if you want the participants to make the best of your event and preferably come back to you in the future, you will have to give them a break once in a while. To refresh their minds, to grab a snack and to return for the rest of your carefully planned event.

This does not mean you will have to put up with a waste of time. Thanks to mobile conference apps you will have the opportunity to smuggle some important content in between the pre-planned materials. When people wait, have a spare moment or are just bored, they are likely to have a look at their smartphones to see what was going on while they were busy.

This is a chance to incorporate some additional, or even accidental content. Event apps offer you a chance to include some ostensible distraction, which will in the end also work for you.

This way you can include some information about the sponsors and organizers of your event. There is a chance that some of these details will stick in the minds of the participants, even if it was originally unplanned.

The thing is, our mind is a curious device. When we try to retain something in our memory, we may or may not succeed, but when we’re relaxed and our mind is not making any effort to remember, then some accidental information will probably find its way to our brain and stay there for indefinite time. Instead of combating this funny property of human mind, why not take advantage of it?

Use mobile conference applications to serve your purpose even between the conference sessions. Try to smuggle some extra content in between the actual subject matter of the conference. Mobile event apps will help you do it in a sophisticated, elegant way, without having to resort to the usual, run-of-the-mill methods like reading out a list of sponsors, hanging the posters or distributing leaflets, which will only end up in the waste bin.

Skillful use of event mobile apps can help you save the time you would otherwise have to find for extra activities or sharing additional information. Instead, try to use the phenomenon of incidental learning and trust the human mind to absorb the information seen by chance.

Instead of assuming the participants will not even for one moment get bored with the presentations and materials offered during the conference proper, accept the fact that people’s power of concentration fades over time. This is the chance for you to feed some incidental, though not random, content.

Mind you, you are not encouraged to use subliminal messages or manipulate your guests in any way. Although, come to think of it, we are all being manipulated without even leaving our home – cat owners do not need to be told this twice.

Also, by making the most of the conference applications, you will have a chance to make your meetings more dynamic. The participants will gladly remember such events and you will have a feeling of not having wasted the precious time.

And in case they don’t get bored, stick the posters of the sponsors on the wall anyway.

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